Ashley and Jonathan

How We Met

Who would have thought an Ohio boy and a California girl would fall so madly in love? Jonathan was born and raised in Newbury, Ohio, and I was born and raised in Tustin, California. It was back in 2012, Jonathan had graduated college from Notre Dame and decided to move out to California with his best friend Nathan. Jonathan decided to make the big move in hopes of pursuing a career in Criminal Justice.

It was Mothers Day and my Aunt, Lori, was over celebrating with us. She had mentioned to me that her girlfriend’s son, Nathan, had just moved back home with his best friend Jonathan. She showed me a picture of Jonathan and my eyes lit up!! I remember thinking “wow! he is good looking!” His smile made my heart skip a beat.

Later that day Jonathan and I exchanged phone numbers via Facebook and ending up texting non-stop for about 6 days. I was so giddy over him! I remember telling my friends “I know this sounds crazy because I haven’t even met the guy, but I think I’m falling in love with him!” I mean come on.. I hadn’t even met him yet but that’s honestly how I felt! We had a spark and it felt so right! I remember thinking “he seems too good to be true, how could he be this perfect?!”

Jonathan and I met about a week later and it was an immediate connection. Everything just felt so right! He was such a gentleman and I couldn’t get over how handsome he was!! At first, we were both nervous (it was easy to tell haha!) but our first date went amazing! He was a total sweetheart! We shared our first date at Dave and Busters with a few family members and friends, and it was an awesome time! We were walking around talking, getting to know each other, and playing games, and all of a sudden he reached out for my hand and began to hold it and walk with me. I was definitely the happiest girl in the room that night! Like people say, from that point on, the rest is history! After our first date we were truly inseparable. About 2 weeks later we made it official when he asked me to “be his girlfriend” obviously I said YESSS :)

After dating for only a few months, I decided I was going to move back to Ohio with Jonathan so we could start our life together. By the time I moved to Ohio we had been dating for almost 1 year. Shortly after moving back to Ohio, Jonathan turned his dreams into reality and is now a Police Officer. 2 years later he proposed and here we are today planning our California Wedding all the way from Ohio :)

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how they asked

It was the day of our 3 Year Anniversary, May 23, 2015. As I woke up and began to get ready for the day, I was so happy to be spending that Saturday with Jonathan. Jonathan is a Police Officer, so has a very busy work schedule, which means we don’t always get to spend time with each other over the weekends, so I was very excited we had plans for the day! Today wasn’t just any ordinary day, we were celebrating 3 years together! We had plans to go down to Chagrin Falls for the Blossom Festival. Chagrin Falls is a small city not too far from where we live. Chagrin has a beautiful waterfall that I just LOVE!! This waterfall has always reminded me of home, and Jonathan knew just how much I loved it.

We left the house around 3:00pm and our plan was to stop by the waterfall before the festival. I wanted to take a few photos since I was all dressed up that day! As we parked the car, I grabbed my camera and we made our way down to the waterfall. The waterfall has two view points, either you can stand on the wooden steps or make your way all the way down to the water filled rocks for an up close view of the beautiful falls. Jonathan suggested we go all the way down to the watery rocks for better pictures, I said “okay!”

As we made our way down I had to be very careful not to fall, haha! It sure was beautiful down on the rocks. He then told me to go stand on “the rocks over there” to get the best background of the waterfall. As I made my way to the rocks he followed behind me with the camera. I stopped and turned and was ready to have my picture taken. Jonathan then turned to me and said “before I take your picture there’s something I want to ask you..” he set the camera down and began to get on one knee!! My heart was fluttering and the emotion running through me was indescribable! I remember shedding a few tears as he asked me “to make him the happiest man in the world and marry him” of course I said YESSS, immediately! I was on cloud 9!! It all happened so fast and most of it almost feels like a blur because I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I couldn’t even think straight! I was the happiest girl in the world at that moment!

Little did I know, Jonathan hired 2 photographers to capture the entire proposal!! After I said YES and turned around, I noticed the big cameras to the side of me, haha! It was awesome!! We never even made it to the Blossom Festival! I was way too excited to go walk around! We walked straight back to the car and proceeded to call all of our Family and Friends to share the news of our Engagement! Words truly can’t describe that day, it was everything I had ever dreamed of! And I am so lucky to spend the rest of my life with my best friend by my side. I LOVE YOU JONATHAN!

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