Ashley and Jonathan

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How We Met

We met in a not-so-romantic way: at a college party. I saw him across the room and forced him to be my beer pong partner. But sparks flew, I could have sworn every person in the room could feel it. I know we both did. I put my number in his phone, but little did I know he was dating someone at the time. Chemistry often proves to be the easy part, it’s timing that’s stubborn. We maintained a friendship for years as we both dated other people, but the whole time neither of us could gather the courage to admit that we had each other on our mind; we both knew we wanted more. Fate smiled at us one day, and our clocks finally synced. We were both single, and he asked me out for coffee. We’ve been inseparable every since.

how they asked

I crave the outdoors like some people crave food. We even moved up to the Pacific Northwest simply for the mountains. So of course we jumped at the opportunity to explore Alaska this summer, one of America’s most beautiful states. The Harding Icefield Trail is a fairly strenuous 8 mile trek that takes you up almost 4,000 ft, through snow and ice even in summer time, and right next to Exit Glacier and stunning panoramic mountain views. At the top, he was adamant that we set up my camera on a makeshift rock tripod to get a picture of us. While holding my remote camera trigger, we huddled together for the picture, and he suddenly got down on one knee.

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He kept snapping away, and the pictures we got will forever be some of my favorite photos of us.

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