Ashley and Jon

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How We Met

We were mutual friends in college but we were both dating other people. A few years and failed relationships later, we ran into each other at a Twenty One Pilots concert. We started talking and hanging out more frequently and before I knew it, I was head over heels in love.

how they asked

It’s no surprise to my friends and family that I am a beach bum, obsessed with pineapples, and have a tattoo of a palm tree. I’ve been DYING to go to Hawaii since I was old enough to feel the sunshine. It wasn’t until this past year that we were able to go due to some friends in the military being stationed there.

Jon and I were still dating but we were already living together when we decided to take a vacation to Oahu. Tickets were bought and bags were packed, I had no idea just how magical my dream trip to the islands would actually be.

I myself am a professional photographer, so I couldn’t imagine going to Hawaii and not having portraits taken professionally while we were there. My entire life is surrounded by all things tropical and I absolutely needed nice photos of Jon and I. We rarely take pictures (believe it or not) and I usually have to fight him on it. However, I think he realized that Hawaii was a big deal for me and he agreed to a session.

Our photographer, Jenna, sent us a location so we plugged it in to the GPS and off we went to the other side of the island. When we pulled up, I was completely speechless. These massive mountains covered in lush tropical plants to the right and dark lava rock cliffs with giant waves crashing up on them to our right. I had heard of places like these from travel magazines but I have never seen anything like it in person. The sun was setting and it gave a warm glow to the whole island. Immediately I knew these pictures were going to be the bomb dot com.

We then started walking towards the cliffs and there was a car full of what I presumed to be locals catching the sunset. From there, Jenna decided to walk further down the beach to a different area where we couldn’t be bothered by the men. When we stopped, Jenna said “Okay Jon, are you ready?”

Here I’m thinking “Ready? Ready for what? Is he going to jump off the cliff?” and then he got down on one knee and for the first time in my life, I know why all of the girls put their hands of their mouths and cry like babies. It’s truly a moment where you are rendered speechless. Whatever was coming out of his mouth is all a blur at this point, I do remember him saying “I promise to love you and watch Netflix marathons with you, and cuddle with puppy forever. Will you marry me?” — everything else is lost, but I think I remembered the important parts.

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To a photographer, there’s nothing more important than having the big moments (and little moments) documented, and of all times and places, Jon picked during a photoshoot in HAWAII to ask me to marry him. He will never know how well he nailed the proposal of my dreams.

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