Ashley and Johnathan

How We Met

Johnathan and I first met at a nearby local restaurant called tavern on the hill. But it goes back to my mom, Ana. So my mom actually gave my info to John to find me on Facebook. He found me on Facebook and he sent a direct message to me. We made plans to meet and the moment we met was incredible. We chatted all night at the restaurant and ended it with looking at the stars.

How They Asked

On July 18, 2018, I had no idea what the day was going to bring me. But Johnathan had it all planned out, did I tell you that Johnathan is a big planner, lucky he is because I just go about the day. But he has taught me to plan my days much better. Anyways going back to the best day ever. He sent me to go get a nice outfit, get my nails done and my hair. I thought nothing of it, but getting pampered is what I needed that day. I get home after a day filled of pampering and running around finding the right dress. It was a white flow dress, fitted comfortably and just right for a perfect sunny day. Once I got home he was on his way out the door, so I was a bit confused as to what was going on since he left me. I got ready as planned and an hour went by and his parents call me asking me if I was ready. I said yes, so I went outside and they took to me where our first date was, location tavern on the hill. At this point I was wondering why but I just knew I was excited to see Johnathan and to eat. The dinner became a proposal dinner. after dinner, a brownie cake came out with m&m’s on it that said our names and said will you marry me? Then Johnathan pulled out this big blue letter and he began to speak. At the end I said YES. So in love we are, he is such a planner but an amazing one.


Special Thanks

Jess Sinatra Photography
 | Photography
The Crane Estate
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