Ashley and John

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How We Met

John almost ran me over in our high school parking lot in Choctaw, OK back in 2007… It could only go up from there. :-) After dating briefly in high school, we went to separate colleges and moved apart, but kept in close touch and dated off again/on again until finally rekindling the flame in October 2016 while I was in Boston pursuing an MBA.

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The timing was perfect in both of our lives and we finally realized that we bring out the best in each other – John calms me down and makes me laugh and I challenge him to dream big. I got a job in Fort Worth, TX upon graduation in May 2017 and John agreed to leave his family law firm in Oklahoma City, OK to finally live in the same city for the first time since high school. We move into our new apartment in exactly one month… we couldn’t be more excited!

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how they asked

For months John had been talking about Valentine’s Day party that his parents were planning to throw in their beautiful home in Jacksonville, FL and insisting that we go. We booked flights, but the trip plan got blown up when I had to go on an insanely busy trip to Africa to perform diligence on mining sites directly before.

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Exhausted, I landed in FL late Friday night for the party on Saturday. When we woke up Saturday morning, John had a huge day planned for us filled with yummy food and a lovely spa day. I thought he was just pampering me since I was exhausted.

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Little did I know (ok, I suspected it a LITTLE bit :-) ) that he planned to propose later that evening. Just before Valentine’s Day party started, John took me out onto the balcony with a beautiful view of the sunset over the water and popped the question. We then had an awesome party to go to celebrate!

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