Ashley and John

How We Met

After a vacation to Northern Michigan Ashley downloaded the Tinder app after her younger sister, Natalie, taught her about it. John and Ashley began messaging each other on August 16, 2015 and decided to meet at a small bar in Loveland, CO for drinks. John and Ashley talked for a couple hours and then John walked Ashley to her car and they said goodnight (no kiss though). After she got home John sent her text and said he had a great time and asked if he could see her again! They went on another date later that week and began dating.

how they asked

John and Ashley had been planning their European vacation since November /December 2016. John had been with Left Hand Brewing for 5 years, so he was going on a reward trip for a week with the brewery, so we decided to add a week of vacation together to his trip. John and Ashley arrived in Amsterdam on Easter Sunday and fought the jet-lag and enjoyed the city. On Monday, April 17, John and Ashley caught the train to a little town where they had planned to rent bikes, but Easter Monday is a big holiday in the Netherlands and the language barrier had them wandering around bike-less. They found a grocery store that was open and tried to ask about bike rentals, but didn’t get much information. They had packed some Amsterdam cheese and grabbed some crackers, summer sausage, and beer for a picnic lunch.

Despite their efforts they did not rent bikes in this town, instead John got an Uber to the entrance of the Keukenhof Gardens. Once they arrived at Keukenhof, John and Ashley rented bikes and began riding through the tulip farms. There were hundreds and thousands of tulips everywhere, John and Ashley biked for a few hours, meanwhile John had Ashley’s GoPro on his bike taking a timelapse of the entire day. They stopped to have a picnic in front of a beautiful field of red, pink, and white tulips. Ashley and John walked up and down the field taking pictures.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lisse, Netherlands

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lisse, Netherlands

When they had walked back towards the bikes John asked Ashley to take a picture of the red Tulips with ‘pointy’ petals, so of course she did, Tulips are Ashley’s favorite flower! She bent down to get a close up and when she turned around John proposed, and of course she said YES and melted!

Ashley's Proposal in Lisse, Netherlands

Proposal Ideas Lisse, Netherlands

Little did Ashley know the GoPro had caught everything on camera, which she had tried to steal before to take pictures, but John gave her his new phone, so she wouldn’t mess up his plan!

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