Ashley and Joe

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How We Met

We were both in Air Cadets and met for the first time at a camping weekend when we were 16 years old. Joe was running the activities that weekend and I was leading a group of kids. I approached him to ask him for directions and all he said was “over there”, so I started to take the group “over there”.

My group ended up on a 30 min hike before we realized we were in the completely wrong place. We went back to camp and I found Joe and started to give him heck for sending us on this wild goose chase. We have now been inseparable for 7 years.

PS… To this day if you ask Joe if this is true he completely denies that he gave me incorrect directions and says I just wasn’t listening.

how they asked

Joe had just been offered a job by the Canadian Armed Forces and we wanted to celebrate. I needed to go to Niagara on the Lake one day and he said he wanted to come too. Turns out he had made reservations for us at the restaurant in The Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara on the Lake for lunch.

I was so excited, I had always wanted to go there. We had a wonderful lunch and Joe decided to order himself a coffee….but he kept getting refills. Normally he’s a 1 maybe 2 cup of coffee kind of guy, but now he’s on cup 4/5 and I was ready to go do my running around.

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Finally he said he was done and asked if we could go for a walk around the hotel to look at it. Outside there was a horse drawn carriage, I saw it and said how cute it was and continued down the street. Joe said “well what of that was for us”, I replied “Really!?” and he said no and started to walk down the street.

Then he turned around and went back to the carriage and started talking to the guy. Apparently he had arraigned for the guy to be there to take us for a ride, but the guy was running late (hence the coffee). We went on a beautiful, romantic ride and while we were in the carriage he popped the question!

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We plan to get married on May 11, 2019 which will be our 10 year anniversary together.