Ashley and Joe

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How We Met

We are both Norwich University Alumni and this is where we first met. We were going home for Spring Break 2008 and we had a mutual friend that gave us a ride to our destinations. I don’t have an extravagant story, just a couple in the same car. I thought he was hilarious and adorable and turns out he had a little thing for me too. He graduated that Spring. Fall 2008 he came up for Alumni weekend (which is a huge deal at Norwich) and we reconnected! Ever since that weekend, we have been inseparable.

how they asked

So, Joe tells me he’s going shooting with police department guys and that we should meet for dinner after he’s done. So, I go home after work and get ready and leave my house to get down to the restaurant. As I entered town I get pulled over and 3 undercover officers approach my car on either side. One officer asks for my ID and if my name is Ashley A. and I tell him yes and I’m scrambling for my ID. I find it and he says I’m going to need to step out of the vehicle because it is coming back as stolen. I’m freaking out telling them all (there’s 6 officers around me at this point) that my boyfriend is a cop.

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The officer says he doesn’t want to hear it and asks if I have connections to Massachusetts I tell him, yes and he said that this is where the report is coming from. Another officer tells me I need to step to the rear of my vehicle for questioning. I’m talking to the officer and he tells me he has one last question for me and that my answer could dictate how the remaining of my night goes. He then tells me to turn around and speak to the officer behind me , and there is Joe, on his knee, asking me to marry him. It was terrifying and I wouldn’t have it any other way because that’s totally his style!

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