Ashley and Joe

Ashley and Joe's Engagement in Walsh University

How We Met

In May of 2015, my fiance and I met for the first time in a summer class that we both happened to be taking (English romanticism) at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. After our second class together ended, I started walking out to my car and I saw that he was right behind me walking very closely. I gained the courage to start talking to him and introduced myself. I told him some general information about myself and that I was very surprised that I had never seen him on campus before. He stated that he recently graduated from college from Ohio University and needed some extra credit hours in order to take his CPA license test. This caught my attention instantly because I too was going to graduate with an accounting degree that following spring. We proceeded to talk about how cool it was that we were both accounting majors and he ended by telling me to please have a safe travel home. At the time, I was living at home and commuting an hour and a half to my summer class. I thought wow, that was very nice of him to say something like that to someone who he barely knows.

As the summer class went on, we had brief conversations in class, but it was never anything too serious. I eventually gained the courage to add him on facebook, to try to spark some conversations outside of class. He immediately accepted my friend request and days later messaged me. I remember being so excited to open the message and see what he had asked. To my disappointment, it was about our homework that was due the next week. I ended up giving him the answer to his question and he replied back thanks. Our summer class ended and what I thought was our last goodbye turned into the beginning of the rest of our lives. To my surprise, he messaged me on facebook days before I moved into my apartment and said I have good news and bad news for you, which do you want first. I said I would like to go with the bad news first, he stated that he ended up finding out that he would not be returning to Walsh for the fall semester. My heart was instantly broken, I thought to myself I am never going to get the chance to see him again. I instantly let him know that I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to have a class together again and then proceeded to ask him, so what is the good news then? Joe stated that the good news is that, I want to help you move into your apartment and take you on a first date on August 24, 2015. Since our first date, we have been inseparable and are going on 4 years together.

How They Asked

A few months ago, Joe had stated that we had been invited to his old coworker’s wedding reception at Walsh University. He asked me if I would like to go with him to the reception and of course I said yes. Months leading up to this, Joe and I talked about moving forward with our life and the next step in our relationship. He even planned a trip for me to Phoenix, Arizona on Labor day weekend. I thought to myself, this is exactly when he will propose to me since he himself had stated that this trip would forever change our lives.

The morning of August 24, 2019 (exactly 4 years from our first date) one of my best friends took me to get my nails done and to grab lunch. While at lunch I told her that I assumed that Joe was going to propose while we were in Arizona in a few weeks. She was over the moon excited for me and said that I better call her as soon as it happens. As soon as I got home from my lunch date with her I proceeded to get ready for the wedding reception that Joe and I were going to. He picked me up and we drove over to the University. To my surprise, he parked far away from the building that the wedding reception was in. I questioned why he parked so far and he stated that he wanted to reminisce how we first met on campus. We continued to walk towards the building that we first met in and he stated that this is the exact place where his life forever changed four years ago because that is where he first met me and that I mean the world to him. He reached into his pocket and tears started flowing down my face as soon as I realized what was happening.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walsh University

He asked me for my hand in marriage right outside of the building where we first met at. As soon as I said yes, the photographer and our best friends came running out from behind the bushes to congratulate us. After we hugged all of our friends, we did a photo shoot on campus. We ended up taking pictures in the exact classroom that we were in and in the exact seats that we sat in during our class together.

As soon as the photo shoot ended, we went to Gervasi Winery right down the road to get a celebratory glass of wine. As we were walking out, he stated that he had one more surprise for me. We drove back to his parents’ house and our closest friends and family were there to greet us and to celebrate our engagement with us.

Joe stated that he started planning this proposal and party months in advance with our closest friends and family. He too stated that the trip to Arizona was to throw me off and make me think that I was getting engaged while on vacation. I am still on cloud 9 and over the moon excited that one class could forever change my life. I love you Joe and I can’t wait to marry you!

Special Thanks

Casey Polatas
 | Photographer
Stephanie Spehar
 | Planning
Hillary Yeater
 | Planning