Ashley and Jesse

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Jewelry Store

How We Met

Jesse and I met at his prom. I went with one of his best friends and he went with a girl named Mara. We weren’t dating either of the people we went to prom with. We were hanging out all night, talking and getting to know one another. We hit it off immediately. We’ve been dating ever since.

how they asked

We are approaching 10 years and we are finally tying the knot :) Jesse isn’t a very romantic man so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. But he took me to the jewelry store to act as though he wanted to get my opinion on what kind of rings I like and what style etc I wanted. Turns out when I found the one from my dreams he bought it THAT day and proposed in the store! It wasn’t the most romantic proposal ever but it was perfect for me! The store was in the middle of the mall so everyone was congratulating us and it was happiness all around. 2 years later and we are almost ready to get married :)