Ashley and Jeremy

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How We Met

We met on New Year’s Eve! Totally unexpected. I was out with a friend and we met this big group of people that kind of took us in for the evening! I met Jeremy later on in the night and we had an immediate connection. I wasn’t sure about him, because he was just back in his hometown of Austin visiting for the holidays! He asked me on our first date a few days later which involved dinner and some live music. Even after an amazing date, I thought it was too good to be true. He left the following day to go back to where he was living at the time (about 6 hours away). I thought, “Well that was fun and no regrets!” Jeremy FaceTimed me almost every day after that, for a month. We got to know each other just by talking so much on the phone! He moved back about a month later and we’ve been inseparable since! We’ve been together 3.5 years now.

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How They Asked

I said YES to the man of my dreams! Such a fun, whirlwind of a weekend! Jeremy took me to Camp Lucy for a last-minute getaway weekend. Little did I know he’s been thoughtfully planning for months! On Saturday, we fed Alpacas, went on a little hike, had a great lunch, hung out by the pool, and were planning to head up the hill to the vineyards before our dinner reservations that evening. For those of you that know me well, know how hard it is to surprise me. But I had no idea what was in store that evening before dinner! Jer finally got me to the vineyard after getting ready. Before getting out of the car, I questioned if I should bring my hat or not for five minutes… lol. He clearly has an incredible amount of patience for me.

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I probably would have spilled the beans on many different occasions, even that day! A little side note; there was a wedding going on that evening at a venue on the property. I had no idea, but he had hired a photographer to capture our special moment, which is something I’ve always said I wanted! But when we pulled up to the vineyard, there was a lady taking photos of what looked to be a flower girl or something.

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I didn’t think much of it… and Jeremy even asked, “Do you think they’re a part of the wedding? And I replied, “Yeah probably!” Lol! So as we were walking through the vineyard, I can tell he is on a mission to get to the far side of the vineyard. I kept asking, “Where are we going? Let’s go down this one!”… and he kept insisting that there were more grapes a little further down. Once he got to the designated row, he led me down it and next thing I know he’s reaching in his pocket and starting to get on one knee.

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This was such a surreal moment for me, it’s the moment that every girl has dreamed about and now I’m living in it, time stood still. He asks me to marry him!!! After I finally got out the words, “Yes,” and, “Put it on my finger,” I realized we were being photographed! At that moment I knew he had put so much thought and effort into his proposal. He called our parents who were down the hill waiting for the call!

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They came up bearing flowers, Champagne and, of course, tears! We got to celebrate and take photos with them which was so so special! I’m still in awe of this special day and the moments we shared and that someone loves me so much to create such an unforgettable moment for me! Also, I know he spent so much time picking the perfect diamond and the perfect ring and I couldn’t be more in love with it! I love you Jeremy and can’t wait to spend my life with you!

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Special Thanks

Aneta Hayne
 | Photographer