Ashley and Jeffrey

Image 1 of Ashley and JeffreyHow We Met: Back in 2002 I was fresh out of high school, starting to hang out with older “kids.” Jeff was one of them. We stayed friends for years but didn’t see each other all that often. In 2011 Jeff asked my for my help at a film festival his company was a part of… we hit it off and the rest is history!

how they asked: This past summer Jeff planned what I thought was an impromptu night at our favorite hotel in Palm Springs. On the drive out I noticed he was being overly chatty but he attributed that to being overly caffeinated after a bad night’s sleep. After we checked in we went for a walk around the amazing grounds. I’m a fashion blogger and we’re constantly taking pictures so I didn’t really seem to notice him spending a lot of time setting up the camera to get the perfect shot. However the next thing I know he’s walking towards me with something in his hand (I thought it was a cookie), kneeling in front of me and proposing. It was all such a blur the only thing I remember saying is, “Is this real?” We started walking to the bar to call our families and I started asking him who knew. Aside from our parents he claimed no one had any idea. We rounded the corner to find my parents, his parents and sister and my two best friends waiting with champagne. It was the surprise of my life and I’m not sure if I still believe it was real.

Image 2 of Ashley and Jeffrey