Ashley and Jeff's Proposal Story

Image 1 of Ashley and Jeff's Proposal StoryHow We Met: Jeff and I both happened to work for the same company and had first been casually introduced at a Halloween Party of a mutual friend. After that, we started seeing each other on the train while commuting home from work. We soon found our common bonds in both being from the east coast, our love of country music (and really all music), our passion for food and wine and our similar sense of humor. By the time I invited him to join in a Christmas pub crawl and he showed up in onesie pajamas as “Christmas morning”, I was smitten.

And I think he was pretty taken by my fetching Christmas tree ensemble…complete with blinking Christmas lights, of course. We spent almost the entire night playing songs together by the jukebox, drinking PBRs and getting to know each other even better.

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how they asked: We were experiencing a heat wave in San Francisco, and for anyone that has ever lived in San Francisco, you know that a heat wave means it was about 80 degrees. Jeff and I were so excited to relish in the uncharacteristically warm weather all weekend long. It was Friday, April 1st and Jeff was on his way home from the office. He called and suggested I start chilling a bottle of white wine so we could enjoy it on our deck when he got home. Just as uncommon as hot weather is in San Francisco, so is outdoor patio space, so we try to make good use of it any chance we get!

When Jeff got home, he greeted me with a big kiss and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We went out on the deck, sipped Chardonnay, listened to music, talked and just laughed. Looking back I was quite naive, because even as Jeff easily transitioned the conversation into talking about our relationship and how much he loved me, I had no idea he was proposing …. until …. he was on one knee reaching into his pocket for the ring!!

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After a few minutes of enjoying our special moment alone, we began calling our family and friends to share our brimming excitement. Not surprisingly, because it was April Fool’s Day, we were greeted with a few “yeah rights!” and “very funnys!”, but it didn’t take long to convince people it was the real deal! After spreading the happy news, Jeff and I enjoyed a night out on the town at our favorite restaurant. It was truly a day to be remembered!

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Photography by Virginia Wedding Photographer Melissa Arlena.