Ashley and Javier

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how they asked

My former boyfriend and I dated for five years before he asked. When we first started dating, a few months into our relationship, we planned a Disney trip. On December 19, 2010 we went to Disney for the first time together. (we grew up going to Disney with our families) on that first trip, I knew he would be around for a long time. I fell in love on that trip. Flash forward, my whole family wanted to go with us for mine and his annual Christmas Disney trip, it was cool that they tagged along (knowing the whole time what was about to come.) after walking around the park for a few hours, my mom wanted to take some family pics infront of the castle. My fiancé jumped in the picture as everyone else stepped out, every single one of my family members had a camera in hands as I got turned around and before I could process anything, the tears began to roll down my face. I couldn’t believe it ! Another thing that made this trip so special was that be proposed to me on December 19, 2015 .. Our “first time going to Disney together” anniversary (if that’s what you want to call it) of course I said yes, and now we are planning our happily ever after.