Ashley and Jarrid

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How We Met

Jarrid and I met in August of 2013, during my sophomore year, his freshman year, of college. We lived in the same dorm buidling, and even on the same floor. I was immediately intrigued by his humor and knew I wanted to get to know him when I heard him crack a joke during our first floor meeting. Things started a bit untraditionally for us at first, but by the time Thanksgiving break rolled around, only three months after we met, and before we even started dating, I knew he was the one for me.

How They Asked

My family was preparing to host a game night at my parents’ house the night before Easter. I am the number one fan of family game nights, so I was already excited. After suggesting that my mom set up an adult egg hunt for me, my now fiance, my brother, and his fiance, I was looking forward to this day even more! I was anxiousy waiting to hunt for eggs, thinking the grand prize was $100. After all of our hunting was done, we opened the eggs one by one. With each egg I opened, I was continuously hoping for the “big prize”. I unknowingly saved the biggest prize for last. As I opened the last egg, a blue paper fell out. I picked it up and read, “Ashley, I love you. Will you marry me?” Before I could even register what was happening, Jarrid was down on one knee.

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The proposal could not have been more perfect. I was completely shocked and unsuspecting of it. After the proposal, and after I had some time with my familly, my friends began showing up unexpectedly. They were all aware it was happening that day, and came ready to celebrate. What I thought was family game night, turned into our engagement party!

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