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How We Met

Jameson and I met while he was attending Mount Union College as a sophomore and I was a sophomore at Triway High School. Our parents were friends and somehow we managed to be at same party during a Christmas break from school and that’s when everything started.

The party was actually being held by my mom at our house and Jameson showed up with his mom to play some cards! Jamies mom Amy joked all night about how she wished I was older so I could date her son :) Little did we know, that summer would be the start of something too special to ignore.

Jameson was home from college for the summer and started invited me places. It started with invitations to his families lake house for parties with our mutual friends, and that grew to one on one dates to the dinner and the movies! He is an incredibly polite and responsible guy, so once my mom got used to the age difference (four years) .. We were inseparable!

We continued to date for two years, while jamies college was one hour away from me, I spent most of my weekends with him there. Our relationship grew as we did and life was amazing!

We both graduated, he from Mount Union College, and me from High School. I went on to move to Florida to start culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, and that’s when our relationship truly ended. We both feel that those two years that we spent entirely apart, was the absolute best thing we’ve ever done for each other as individuals and also as a couple.

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I then moved to Los Angeles Califonia to finish culinary school after about one year in Florida and Jameson was working and happily living his life back home.

When I moved back home after those years spent away, Jamie and I started to spend more and more time together, realizing then that we both truly still loved each other. So we picked up right where we left off that last summer!

It’s been eight years total now of adventures with my man, I wouldn’t trade one day of these past eight years for anything! We’ve both grown together and seperately and we couldn’t be happier now with our life.

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how they asked

I am a chef, and I have always dreamed of becoming a Food Network chef personality! So I do crazy things like compete on cooking shows and attempt to take home the grand prize (whatever that may be) This past year I competed in my third reality cooking show. CHOPPED Grill Masters on the Food Network! Last year it was CUTTHROAT KITCHEN on the Food Network and three years before that it was MASTER CHEF on FOX with Chef Gordon Ramsay.

The Food Network holds a huge place in my heart so naturally my entire family makes it an EVENT to watch my episodes premiere night together! This was extra special though, being that I happened to compete against one of my good chef friends from Cleveland Ohio, Chef Johathon Sawyer, on the same episode of CHOPPED! So we had a huge watch party at Chef Sawyers restaurant The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland the night of the show airing!

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I end up getting chopped in the second round for some “salty potatoes” and during that commercial break, sitting on the rooftop of The Greenhouse Tavern with my entire family, my best friends and a lot of CHOPPED fans watching …

Jameson dropped to his knee and asked me to be his wife!!!

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Our families, friends and onlooking chopped fans all clapping, cheering and crying with me!

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The love of my life, helped give me my very own love story of young summer love, to a break up and back to true love – it happened on a night that I felt on top of the world already! My name was all over the Food Network and I had actual FANS rooting me on from all over the country.. Im serious! I recorded actual “fan mail”! Jameson made that night so much more.

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