Ashley and James

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How We Met

James and I met online. He first cought my attention because of his profile picture. He had on his flight suit, walking along side a airplane. looking like he just hopped off the set of the Top Gun movie. Anyways I was hoping he’d message me and it actually wasn’t until the next day that he did so. I already knew from that first message he sent that he was going to be an easy person to talk to. He wrote a paragraph long message giving me a little insight as to who he is and what his interests are. I tease him now because it was more like a full page essay than a paragraph. Lol after talking on the phone for a few days he asked if I’d like to go to dinner with him that Saturday. Of course I said yes right away. My first impression of him was great! he was so much taller then me (He’s 6”2 and I’m 5”0) Which for most girls that’s a huge plus. We spent all dinner getting to know each other and by the end of the night I knew this man was a keeper. The definition of a true gentleman was and still is this man. I can’t wait to take his last name.

how they asked

James is a very spontaneous man. He’s known to book last minute trips, sometimes only one way plane tickets at a time. He’s not really the best planner but in time I’ve learned to deal with it. So of course this year we booked our 12 day vacation to Oregon and Washington only 4 weeks before hand. James flys for the United States Coast Guard and was stationed on the Oregon coast for a few years before coming down to Miami Fl, where we first met. So naturally he wanted to show me his old stomping grounds (as he would say) lol. Our second day there we spent it driving around and exploring the beautiful coast. That day it was snowing on the coast which he had told me was very odd for that time of year, and especially for the beach. So He mentioned that we should go down to the beach to take some pictures. The beach is named Face Rock Beach and if you notice the rock on the left you’d understand why. Once on the beach he told me he wanted to get some pictures of us with the amazing scenery in the background. He propped up his phone on some rocks and came running towards me. We started to pose for the pictures and next thing I know he’s down on one knee. Almost screaming through the wind he asked ”will you be my wife?” I couldn’t believe it. The man of my dreams was proposing to me. I was in such shock that the only thing I kept repeating was “you’re joking, you’re joking”. In my mind I had already said yes, but James needed to hear it out loud which is when he yelled “say yes!” and of course I did. If you listen closely you could actually hear it through the wind. In a few months I get to marry the man of my dreams. My all American boy ! I can’t wait!

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