Ashley and Jacob

How We Met

My sister and her husband set us up on a blind date. Jacob was good friends with my sister’s husband. He came over to the house and picked me up, we went to a Japanese Steak House and then we went bowling.

How They Asked

He told me that we were going to downtown St.Augustine to have dinner with his sister and her husband. The whole time he was acting so rushed, which I thought was weird, but I still had no clue! We got to the waterfront and he started talking with me about fishing. And then he says “ do you know why I brought you here?” And I made some snarky comment about fishing. He just laughed and got down on one knee and said: “ No, it’s because I want to ask you to marry me.” I instantly started crying, and kept asking him are you serious. I, of course, said yes. And because I was so caught up in the proposal, I didn’t notice that my sister was taking pictures the whole time. She does photography and Jacob had planned for her to be there to capture the moment. I am so glad I have these pictures! It was truly perfect.

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Special Thanks

Bailey Kersey
 | Photographer