Ashley and Jack

Where to Propose in The Embassy, Fort Wayne, In (Festival of Trees)

How We Met

In 2017, I started a side job as an EMT, my first day I was supposed to be on an Ambulance with a preceptor who ended up being sick, so I got switched to a different truck. My new preceptor was Jack, an EMT that had moved here from Washington state. I’d seen him a few times come through the main ER (where I’d also worked as a tech). He was nice and it was very easy to talk to him after hanging out with him and his medic partner for 12 hrs, he seemed like someone I could totally be friends with.

How They Asked

Jack and I are both obsessed with Christmas, and he’s only lived here for a few years and hasn’t done all the Christmas festivities our city has to offer, and my brother and his girlfriend were coming home from out of town for Thanksgiving so I thought it would be fun for us to go to The Festival of Trees (huge gallery of Christmas trees) which goes on for a week. So we made plans, then a few weeks later it turned into my 4 other siblings and their significant others going too and then a night out. Then, I asked my best friend and her husband to come too. We decided to dress up since we don’t do that very often, so I never thought anything of it. As we’re walking through the trees, I notice this area where people appeared to be taking pictures, so we wait and walk up there, overlooking the whole downstairs with trees lit up.

So we’re holding hands and I go to walk away, he stops me and drops down to one knee, and says the sweetest things, and asks me to marry him. Little did I know, or realize, my best friend Amber got a photographer friend of hers to take pictures of the proposal. In the 2 years we’ve known each other, he’s never been able to keep a secret or a surprise to save his life. So I have no idea how he pulled this off, but it was perfect, and it meant so much that my family was involved also. He also asked my boys if he could marry me, which meant the world to me.

Ashley's Proposal in The Embassy, Fort Wayne, In (Festival of Trees)