Ashley and Ivan

How We Met

When I first met Ivan we were freshmen in high school and my initial thought was whoa he’s tall. Fast forward to senior year and we finally start dating June 1, 201, after many words with friends wars. I believe our first date was to the movies to see kung fu panda or something along those lines. From there we walked back home and shared our first kiss. Three months later we realized this was something special and said our first I love yous. Once we graduated high school we went to separate college.s I missed him so much I would drive 6hrs to spend a week with him. Finally we graduate college and find jobs and move in together. Now after six years of dating he proposes to me.

How They Asked

We moved in together and had planned to have a house warming party on August 12th close friends and family considering how large both of our families are we knew it’d be a party. When the day arrived we were so busy chatting with family and thanking them for coming that we lost track of time. My mom kept asking when we’d open the gifts (which I hate doing in front of people) and I kept saying oh I really don’t want to, but around 9pm Ivan was like let’s just do it so your mom will be happy. I agreed and about 4 gifts in he said I got a gift for Ashley me being me I was like dang it I didn’t get you anything and when I turned to look at him he was down on one knee. Here came the tears of joy because just a few days before I told him I felt like we’d never get married not knowing he had a ring in his sock drawer for two weeks. I was so happy and choked up I barely whisper yes, but he knew that was the answer long before he asked. So we cried happy tears together and hugged our whole family. As my side of the family burst into tears his jumped and cheered. We love each other to pieces and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

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