Ashley and Harrf

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How We Met

In my sophomore year of undergrad, one of our mutual friends asked me to drive down with her to her hometown for Easter weekend. As we were driving down, she asked if I would like to go to a suprise birthday party for one of her old high school friends. I was all for it and soon enough we were on our way to the party. Before arriving, I asked her “Is there any cute, single guys there? I want to kiss someone tonight” (Yikes college me!)

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She soon began to show me her old high school guy friends, which included Harrf. We arrived at the party and the first person who greeted us outside was Harrf. I introduced myself and we shook hands and went on with the party. Within the night, we began to play games with the group and I was standing there alone as my friend was mingling with her old friends. Harrf looked up at me and invited me to sit next to him. He began talking to me and I actually stopped him and said “Wait… do you know what my name is?” He shook his head and kept apologizing as by then we were 20 minutes into a conversation. Soon enough, we were holding hands and next to each for the rest of the night. In the spur of the moment, I asked Harrf to be my date for my sorority formal coming up in the next month. He excitedly said yes and what began was the start of our 4 1/2 year long-distance relationship.

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How They Asked

Ever since we found our ring together, Harrf repeatedly has told me “You’re never going to know it’s coming”. I never believed him, but boy was I in for a surprise.

Rewinding back a month ago, my cousin Kat texted me saying she was having a small, intimate wedding party at a winery as she had to cancel her ceremony due to COVID-19. As one of her bridesmaids, she soon told me “It’s going to be super casual, a summer dress would be perfect!” Me being me, I soon asked her of any specific colors she likes, etc so that I would wear whatever color/style she would want me to. She soon gave me details of colors and saying “No heels, just sandals or even tennis shoes”. I picked out a dress and soon enough the day came around.

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My friends and family have been in on the plan since August and they were lying to me even on the morning of. We all rode in separate cars and I was riding with my brother to the “event”. On the way, I was talking about the different wines we could drink and what we could do at the winery. I had no clue about anything that even during the drive I took a nap.

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I guess my brother drove in circles while I slept because he was trying to stall as there was an impromptu wedding ceremony happening in the location Harrf wanted to propose to me at (That’s a whole different story there!). My brother suddenly takes a U-turn and stops the car and then I see my best friend, Nikki, on the side of the road waving. My mouth immediately drops open as I knew what was about to happen. We began walking to the location and I asked a million questions to her. “When did you get here?” “What’s happening?” etc etc. She ignored all of them and kept walking talking about the scenery.

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Soon enough, there he was. Standing in front of the most beautiful set-up he made with our photos and my favorite flowers. I instantly began crying and honestly felt like I blacked out because I cannot remember a thing he said. He dropped down to one knee and I answered the easiest question I have ever been asked. We were so grateful to have Mallory (@mallorycarlsonphoto) as our photographer.

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She captured such a memorable and intimate moment that we will never forget. After the proposal and the photos, Harrf said he had one more suprise for me. We drove for an hour to downtown LA and got to a penthouse AirBnB with a rooftop. I opened the door and in screaming and celebrating us was our closest friends and family all in one room. Overwhelmed by love, I cried all over again.

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Here’s to making it through four and a half years of long-distance. Here’s to our new forever.

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Special Thanks

Mallory Carlson
 | Photographer