Ashley and Gutxi


How We Met

I met Ashley during a missionary trip to the United States. We did not bond immediately. During a Christmas party I noticed the way she would treat her family. She was very caring towards her little brother and very attentive with her dad. I remember seeing her kissing her dad in the cheek with so much love that it sparked in me a statement: “This is what I’ve been looking for”. I quickly fell in love with her heart and personality. From that moment I used all my charisma to catch her attention. We became closer and closer friends until I had to leave to Honduras for another mission trip.

This time apart really made me realized that I had passed the point of just liking her and actually I had truly fallen in love. A few months pass and all I could think was about “my Ashley”. Our communication was not the strongest but I knew that I love this girl. Some time passed and I was called back to the US to continue the service that we had started. This was the best news I’d received because it meant I had another chance to share with her. The moment I stepped into American soil I called her to that we could talk. I told her that I was in love with her… and I can remember like if it was yesterday she answering me “What if I love you back?”… and that was the beginning of my love story.

How I Asked

Ashley and I are based in Miami, Florida. I never touched the subject of proposals with her because I wanted for the occasion to be a total surprise. About a year ago, I had the crazy idea to propose to her in the city of love, Paris. From that day the preparations for the biggest day of my life began. I had to come up with a way to fly Ashley from Miami to Paris, roughly 9 hours, without her knowing anything about me proposing. I came up with the idea of making her believe that her family’s business had been contacted for a new contract. She was assigned to close this deal with her dad in Paris. I landed in Paris about 6 hours prior with my friend and photographer “Alejo” to location scout around the Eiffel tower.

We walked for miles looking for the perfect spot to pop the big question. Once we found this beautiful garden next to the tower, we contacted her dad so he would know where exactly to take Ashley. He made her believe that they were on their way to meet the counterpart of the business deal and at one point had to cross through the park where it was all going to happen. Once he had placed Ashley at the spot, he told her to wait for a second as he went to the restroom. When I saw him passing right in front of me I walked out from behind the trees and just as hoped, she was surprised to see me and started to giggle.


I grabbed her hands and explained that there was no contract to sign, no business to do, and nobody to meet, that the real reason she was in Paris was to answer one very important question…If she would agree to stay by my side and be the love of my life for the rest of our time on earth.


I got down on to one knee and as tears began to roll down her face I asked her if she would give me the honor and the privilege to be my wife.







And just as I had prayed, all the preparation, all the planning, the nerves and anxiety all became worth it…She said yes!