Ashley and Gregory

How We Met

Greg and I met when we were in high school. He was a senior and I was a freshman. He actually took AP chemistry with my brother, but we actually met on the tennis courts. He was the best tennis player in our town at the time, and we were playing a causal game of around the world. People kept putting me in front of them in line and I thought no big deal, I just get to play sooner. Well, little did I know it was so people didn’t have to be up against Greg. He hit the ball so hard and fast he actually smacked me in the face and gave me a black eye. I was upset and annoyed and I couldn’t wait for him to graduate. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school, 3 years later, training for states on the tennis courts that we re-met. He came back to help the boys tennis team, but he ended up training me because I needed a challenge. We had so much in common, that I actually took his number from a friend because I couldn’t wait to text him. After a match he waited for me to play tennis. I was tired and cranky but he locked my stuff in his car so I had to stay. I blamed him for missing dinner and was pouting. So in a smooth move Greg offered to take me to dinner next week to make up for it because he “felt bad”. He took me on a date after I won a tennis match, took me back to his place because I “had to meet his dogs and cat” (super good move they were so cute). We had our first kiss while he was showing me his computer that he built. Now here we are 4 and half years later.

how they asked

Greg and I had been planning our trip to Japan for over a year now. We planned the weeks we’d be there and then bought tickets in March when they were on sale. He, however, had bought the ring months ago. He also emailed the aquarium we were going to (aquariums are my favorite date place and our first travel date was to a local aquarium. I had often joked if he proposed in an aquarium we wouldn’t have to get married in one (which now we cannot!). He set up with them a mini photo shoot that wouldn’t be obvious to me. So the day we’re going to the aquarium he says he isn’t feeling to well and tells me he’s going to run to the restroom. I offer to go stand outside by it but he comments on how he knows where I am and there probably isn’t nice seating over there. I agree and stay put. He also mentions how I should look at the tourist page of the aquarium so I can see if there’s anything in particular I want to do. I happily agree and I’m off buried in my phone. Little did I know he was actually running over to meet with a translator and photograph! Naturally, we get in the aquarium and I’m pumped that we’re in one of the biggest aquariums in the world. They have this giant whale shark tank with two of them that’s going from the 5th floor to the 1st floor (that’s how big this place was 8 stories!). Then these two people approach us asking if we can be in photos for the tourist page on the website for the aquarium. Having just looked at the page I was freaking out! Of course we agreed!

Proposal Ideas Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

So they’re taking some photos and they tell us they got enough. I immediately turned around and was glued to the whale shark tank listing all the types of sharks I could see and how cool they were. Greg then gives them the signal (which of course I didn’t see because he was counting on me listing sharks). Greg goes “Oh and one more thing, will you marry me?” And got down on one knee. I started crying and laughing and of course I said yes! People were clapping, I was overwhelmed, but the photographer got everything!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Greg (in typical Greg fashion) goes “Now we don’t have to get married in one” and I couldn’t help but laugh as he wiped the tears from my face. The aquarium staff even went on to take more photos of us because this was their first proposal of the season, but also their first tourist proposal!

They even hand made us a cute little sign with dolphins! (In Japanese Happy Engagement also translates to Happy Anniversary!)

And the outdoor photos were amazing because yes the building is huge but they have an aquarium mosaic! This man went above and beyond just because I joked it was either get engaged in an aquarium or married in one! And now I get to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I love him dearly!