Ashley and Gregg

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How We Met

I started working at No. 9 Park in April of 2014. I knew it would be a new adventure for me, but I never imagined how much it would change my life. Gregg was one of my trainers throughout my orientation, and needless to say I thought he was great. Turned out we both had an intense passion for Italian wine, so I invited him to try a bottle of Amarone (a wine from the Veneto, Italy) that I had been saving, and luckily for me he agreed. We both knew that working together and dating was not going to be easy, but boy has it been worth it! We have shared many bottles of wine, and many adventures together since that first night and I cannot wait for many more to come.

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how they asked

Gregg is not normally pushy about when I get home from work, or what we are doing on a particular evening, but this day, he for some reason needed to know exactly when I would be home. After repeated nudging as to whether or not I was on my way yet, he did what he knew would get me home, lure me with tuna tartare!

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When I finally got home, I couldn’t find my keys and feeling fairly lazy, I almost knocked on the door to be let in (thank goodness I found them!). I opened the door to a silent house, not normal. I called for him, he was in the other room. As I entered the living room I was met by a trail of candles on the floor and I froze, when I finally turned the corner I found Gregg on one knee surrounded by candles with the ring. I was apparently frozen for longer than I thought, since I later found out that he had to switch knees on our hardwood floors a few times before I got there. He then asked me to be his wife and I very emphatically nodded my head YES, although I am still not sure if any words came out. We celebrated with champagne and I got the tuna tartare I was promised!

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