Ashley and Glenn

How They Asked

Every couple has a unique story. What I love about Glenn & Ashley is the fact that they continue to add to their story daily. Through faith, perseverance, adventure and patience, these two have molded their lives together and today, they made a public promise to become one!

Glenn had it all planned… traveling over 3.5 hrs from Fort Bragg, hiking up in the dark to see the sunrise, setting up lights on the final stairway leading to the spot he would propose and brought a camera attached to a photographer. If you could ever imagine proposal goals, this was it! We avoided the rains (until the hike down), withstood the WHIPPING winds and perfected their snuggles during our time together on Sharp Top Mountain and I don’t think it could have gone any better. Remember that story I mentioned earlier, how they keep adding to it? Well, they surprised us today with a little fun fact… not only did they meet in the Army as medics BUT, these two are waiting until their wedding day to kiss! That’s right, they fought the urge all morning to sneak a kiss here and there but I truly believe their wedding day will be full of surprises!


Special Thanks

Anna Bowser Photography
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Peaks of Otter
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