Ashley and Garret

How We Met

Garret and I met in our high school sign language class at Hart High school! We were both Juniors, almost seniors and both excited for our last year of high school! Garret “strategically” sat next to me every single day in class so we were always together when it came time for group projects. Garret was funny, very smart and way too cool for school! Soon enough our in-class group projects turned into hanging outside of class and spending many lunches together. Little did I know, Garret had the biggest crush on me and would even tell his mom that he would make me his girlfriend one day! Fast forward a few months later… we have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

Garret decided to surprise me on my birthday and take me out for a nice dinner. Little did I know that EVERYONE was in on the surprise. He took me, along with my sister and our other close family members to the tallest building in LA! The US bank building which is the same locations for OUE SkySpace LA and the restaurant 71 above. When we first arrived I still had no idea where we were or what we were doing. We checked in at the lobby desk and escorted up to the 71st floor where he had a reservation for the lounge to enjoy cocktails and appetizers. About 30 minutes into our drinks and appetizers he decided he wanted to go explore the restaurant and views! I thought nothing of it and happily agreed to join him! We began to explore the amazing views of the restaurant, then he took down the elevator to the 70th floor where the Skyspace Slide is located. I still had no idea about the proposal! We continued to walk towards the slide and continued….and continued…right past the slide…I became confused.

Where to Propose in OUE Skyspace LA

He then walked me through two doors onto the Hollywood Tower Terrace. As soon as we walked out of the doors, there were candles EVERYWHERE, roses and a photographer hidden in the corner. This is when I became suspicious but still confused. I turned around to look at him, there was a special look in his eye, one that I had never seen before. It was that moment I knew what was happening. I broke down! Emotions running high, my heart racing, this was the moment!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in OUE Skyspace LA

He said a few things to me and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the most beautiful and most perfect ring. I could barely get the word yes out of my mouth as I was a crying mess! Moments later, everyone else came downstairs to congratulate us and cry with us! The photographer was there to capture all these moments and all the emotions before we were on our way to the next surprise. We left skyspace and walked another block to a restaurant where our parents and the rest of our family was!

Special Thanks

CB Photo Studio
 | Photographer
SkySpace LA
 | Venue