Ashley and Gabriel

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How We Met

Gabe was working in my hometown when we met online. The first date we went for a walk with coffee (he had no cash on him so I paid! Which I still bug him about). He said on our first date I was walking so fast he didn’t think I was into him at all. I was just really nervous! After that, we just drove around listening to music and I embarrassed myself by singing all the words to every song. Eventually, he got laid off and moved back to his hometown (6 hours away) we didn’t know if it would work but once a month one of us would drive to see the other until I eventually moved to live with him! And the rest is history.

how they asked

Growing up playing ice sports, outdoor skating has always been one of my favorite things to do. So when Gabe planned this trip to the mountains and we were going skating on Lake Louise I was SO excited. That day we were skating around having so much fun together and he started hugging me from behind and said: “are you having fun?” And of course, I was and replied: “I’m having the best day ever, this is so much fun!” As I turned around he said ” I bet I can make it even better” reaching into his jacket pocket and grabbed the ring. He said some beautiful words ( that I later had to ask him to repeat because I didn’t remember what he said ) and he got down on the ice and proposed.

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