Ashley and Frank

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How We Met

We met 5 New Year Eve’s ago in Hoboken, NJ. It was a bar called Green rock and we both went single looking to have a good time with friends. As the night went on one of my soon to be bridesmaids wanted to take a picture and lucky for me she decided to ask my now fiancé Frank. After the first few pictures and us posing like typical girls Frank started to make fun of us and take pictures of himself. All my friends started to yell but I guess that worked for me because we spent the rest of the night together. Here comes the tricky part though, we did not exchange numbers and I thought I would never see him again when fate stepped in. A few weeks later we ended up bumping into each other at another bar and the rest is history. A baby, a home, and a lot of stories later we are more in love now than ever!

how they asked

Fast forward to October 7th 2017, Frank had asked me out on a date night which we don’t get too often since we have a 1 year old baby girl, Lia Rose.

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Thank god I got ready for this one because before I knew it we were in Hoboken where we first met and I was walking into that same bar we met at but this time when I looked inside and saw all our friends and family I looked back at him and he was down on one knee proposing!

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We spent the night celebrating and had a big dinner on the water, we have never been happier! I can’t wait to be a Lopuski like my fiancé and daughter!

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