Ashley and Ethan

Ashley and Ethan's Engagement in Afton, NY

How We Met

Ethan and I met almost 3 years ago, I was newly a single mother – my son was 2 years old – I had just gone through a divorce and was navigating a new life. Ethan and my dad worked together, Ethan had heard plenty about me as well as what I was going through. He offered to come to dinner one night to meet me jokingly.. my dad shared the story with me and I reached out to Ethan to ask him to lunch. He played hard to get but we eventually went to lunch and the rest is history. Ethan came into my life during one of the most difficult times I have experienced – he’s my rock, my best friend and an amazing father to my son.

how they asked

It was a random Tuesday night, Ethan came home from work “craving” carrot cake from our favorite restaurant. The very restaurant we went to on our first date. We cleaned up, got my little man ready and headed out for a family dinner outing. After parking outside of Mainstreet Bakery & Grill in Afton, I get my son out of the car and head to the front of the car. All the while, my son and I are discussing the Christmas tree in front of us on the side walk. It was simple but beautiful and my son told me he wanted one that size for his room – not the 2 foot one he has. At that point we had paused for a moment, Ethan hands me an Alex and Ani bracelet bag as an early Christmas gift.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Afton, NY

I open the bag but the bracelet gets stuck, while I’m struggling with the bracelet he kneels down with my son and hands him a ring box – he asks him “ask mommy if she will marry me” – my son had been sleeping so his initial reaction was “look mommy its a shiny ring!”. It was just us on the side walk that night in front of this beautiful Christmas tree by our favorite restaurant – it was perfect.