Ashley and Erik

How We Met

Erik and I met in 2006 when we were in high school through a mutual friend. He was a junior and I was a freshman. We broke up a couple of times but always ended up back together. Erik went to college in Colorado while I stayed in Wisconsin but we made long-distance work. He moved home after graduation and we lived together until I was finished with college.

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Erik was steadfast with our relationship while I was paranoid with thoughts that this is too good to be true, the average person doesn’t marry their high school sweetheart, etc. I had a bit of a quarter-life crisis and we went our separate ways as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shortly after we broke up, Erik’s father tragically passed away which brought us closer while we grieved the loss but we continued to be best friends and nothing more.

I decided that the only way to try and really move on was to move across the country and live on my own. Erik was the first person I called when I accepted my job offer in Houston and his response was “Congratulations…Now all my exes live in Texas!” (That’s a George Strait reference for those of you who don’t listen to country music).

Shortly after I accepted my job offer, I flew down to find a place to live and Erik came with. He met a few of my new coworkers on that trip and when I explained to them that we weren’t dating anymore, we were just best friends, one woman said “You’re going to move home and marry that man eventually”…..and she was right.

I lived in Houston for 18 months and whenever I went home I would stay with Erik, he came out to visit me at least 5 times and we spoke every day. Neither of us dated other people. Eventually, we decided we should stop acting like we’re together if we’re not and decided to cut the cord, so to speak. We didn’t speak for about 3 weeks, which were the worst weeks of my life, and after that, we knew we couldn’t be happy without the other.

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Erik flew down in March of 2018 and we decided that our relationship is not too good to be true and that we would be the people that marry our high school sweetheart.

After months of job searching and waiting for the perfect one, I was finally moving home in October and he was there every step of the way.

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How They Asked

Erik flew down to Houston to help move me home. We stopped in Nashville for 2 nights on the way back and little did I know that Erik had gone to the jeweler the day I accepted my job offer in Wisconsin and had the ring in his pocket waiting for the right time. But the right time never happened in Nashville.

I had set up photos for us to take for our Christmas card 2 weeks after moving back to Wisconsin. I planned everything: the location, the photographers, the time, our outfits, etc. I really wasn’t expecting him to propose that day, especially since he didn’t really want to take photos.

After photos with our dogs, we still had 30 minutes of time with the photographers so they asked if we wanted to do shots of just the two of us and we figured why not. I took the dogs to the car and that is when he told the photographers that he was going to propose. They came up with a cue – “the lighting looks really good” – so he knew when they were ready.

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We were on a very unstable pier and he tried to switch places with me but I got a little fussy because I wanted to be photographed on my “good side”. I reluctantly moved and when I turned around I saw him on one knee. I was SO shocked! The night before in the car we heard an ad on the radio for a jeweler and he casually said maybe he would go to them for a ring. I forgot the photographers were there, probably because looking back it feels like I blacked out, but there were a lot of ugly, yet happy, tears.

I’m so grateful our photographers got it all on camera so I can relive those moments. We got married in December of 2019 and it was the most magical day. As I said in my vows, I’ve already loved Erik for half of my life and I can’t wait to love him for the rest of it.

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