Ashley and Eric

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How We Met

Once upon time, Ashley and Eric met in Mrs. Ninivaggi’s 9th grade English class at POBJFKHS and the rest was history. Well… It wasn’t all that simple. All great love stories are complicated; Romeo and Juliet snuck behind their parents back to see each other and it took Carrie and Big 10 years to get engaged. All great love stories have plots that thicken, climaxes that excite and resolutions that somehow find their way to happy endings; so here is Ashley and Eric’s “10 years in the making.”

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Where did we leave off? Ahh right, Mrs. Ninivaggi’s 9th grade English class. Well, from that point on Ashley and Eric became best friends. They would talk to each other late at night on AIM for hours on end. Trust was built and a beautiful relationship was formed.

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Fast forward 2 years later and they decided to go to Junior Prom together. They danced the night away and then danced some more in NYC.

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One week later on May 29, 2005, Eric and Ashley went into NYC as friends and came home as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now we can say that the rest is history, but throughout the last decade Eric and Ashley endured the ups and downs of life and grew together as a team, strong individuals that can overcome any obstacle. They traveled, undertook adventures, ate over a thousand meals at Fanatico, spent time with family, and most importantly supported one another on their many endeavors. College, Grad School, Law School, first jobs and so much more, they have grown together as a young couple yearning to conquer the world.

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how they asked

Eric had graduated law school in May of 2015, and after ten years of dating they both agreed that it was time to take their wonderful relationship to the next level. Little did Ashley know, Eric had already planned a number of weekend adventures to keep her on her toes. On one adventure Eric took Ashley to the Neue Gallerie to see Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer after they watched the movie The Woman in Gold. The following weekend, Eric woke Ashley up to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. The entire morning he was holding a book that Ashley was not allowed to unwrap until they arrived on the bridge. Once on the bridge, the book entitled Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge was unwrapped and Eric got down on one knee.

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Eric also hired a photographer to capture every moment of this special day.

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