Ashley and Eddie

How We Met

We met in 2007 after having a class together freshman year. We became friends, and I quickly found out through mutual friends that Eddie had a thing for me (and my Myspace wall revealed the same). However, things never became official, because we were both still so young and I felt that he wasn’t “serious”. I mean, how serious can a guy be at 15, right? We were both shy around each other, and when we would see each other in the halls we would subtly look at each other and smile, but nothing more. After that first class in 9th grade, we didn’t have a class together again until senior year, so those years in between we each did our own thing. We dated other people, and then a senior year we had religion class together (we attended a Catholic high school). First thing I noticed after not really paying much attention to him the years prior, is how much taller and more handsome he had gotten! We talked every day in that class, and I looked forward to it just so I could see him. We ended up being partners for the mandatory marriage project, where we had to find a “spouse” and plan an entire wedding with a set budget. I still have the project to this day and will keep it as a memory of when we were “married” in class…how ironic! By this time, prom was approaching. I wanted him to ask me but wasn’t entirely sure if he would, since we didn’t become close until the end of February, and prom was April 1st. Sure enough, he did, and we went to prom together “as friends”. A month later, right before graduation, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history!

How They Asked

I always like to go on little getaways for our anniversary. Our 8 year anniversary (May 7th, 2019) was approaching, and I had in mind to go somewhere tropical. However, things quickly changed when we found out that Eddie’s cousin, Isabella, was graduating from college at the University of Southern California that same weekend. Our anniversary trip soon became a family trip, and we and his whole family traveled across the country to see her graduate!

Isabella’s graduation was Friday, and Saturday we had a brunch planned at Nobu in Malibu. One of Eddie’s best friends, Danny, is studying dentistry in San Bernardino, so he met up with us and joined us at Nobu. The food was SO good, and the view is incredible! We had a great time, and as we were getting ready to leave, Danny suggested we go to a beautiful beach about 10 minutes away. We got to El Matador Beach, parked, and walked all the way down the steps to reach the shore. The views were so beautiful, I made Eddie stop every now and then for a picture, not knowing what was yet to come. We were all taking pictures on the beautiful beach, and after a while, his family headed back up to the parking lot – so I followed. Eddie kept telling me to wait, and this is where I started to suspect something. A few more minutes had gone by, and I started to walk, again, to the stairs.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Malibu, California

I turned around to look at Eddie, and there he was, on one knee with the most beautiful ring, asking me to marry him! I was in shock – I didn’t even say yes until he said, “So, are you going to say yes?” Of course, I did! I just couldn’t believe that he planned this all out in the most beautiful, private way when I was least expecting it. I was asking him all the questions on the way back up the stairs to meet with his family. He said nobody knew – only my dad, since he had asked for his blessing a couple of weeks prior, and his best friend Danny, who had helped him plan this.

Proposal Ideas Malibu, California

Everyone was waiting for us at the top to get back in the car, and when we got there, Eddie revealed to them that I was his fiancé! His whole family started screaming, and there were many tears. It was truly a special moment I will never forget. I then FaceTimed my dad and my sister (my sister had no clue, she was so surprised!). After sharing many tears of excitement and taking pictures, we started the drive back to LA. We passed the most beautiful lavender fields in Malibu on the way, where we stopped to take more pictures. We then went back to the home that we rented for the weekend and had some champagne, did a toast, and shared more tears.

The day after the proposal was Mother’s Day, and my first without my mom, who passed last summer after a short, painful battle with pancreatic cancer. We spent the day riding electric scooters around Santa Monica and exploring the city just the two of us since the rest of his family went off to Vegas. It was nice to have time alone to enjoy this new feeling as an engaged couple. While it was a bittersweet day for me, I knew my mom was smiling down with joy, saying, “It was about time!” We had a great day together. It was such an emotional, beautiful weekend that I will never forget, and I feel so excited to finally be on this journey with the love of my life and best friend!

Ashley's Proposal in Malibu, California