Ashley and Dylan

How We Met

Dylan and I met on Tinder. But the craziest part is that we went to the same college for the same 4 years and NEVER met! We went to a fairly small college and had mutual friends. I knew a good bit of his fraternity brothers and we even have pictures at the same themed party! Dylan was aa battened at one of the most popular bars. I am a firm believer in fate. We may have met on tinder but that was how/when we were supposed to meet. Or paths crossed so many times but we just never met for whatever reason.

how they asked

It was a few days before Valentine’s before Valentine’s day and we were planning to leave for a ski trip on Valentine’s Day. Both of our families were going so it was going to be a family trip. I was convinced that he was going to propose with both our parents there on top of a ski-mountain or something. Well, I wake up Saturday, Feb 10th and Dylan was cooking breakfast for me and told me not to get it off the bed. He said it was an early Valentine’s day present since we would be traveling. I didn’t think anything of it until he brought our a HUGE platter with a new coffee mug. I began eating my food and drinking my coffee. I heard something clink in my cup and my heart stopped.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our house.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At our house.

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