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How We Met

Her Story: I guess the very first time I met Dylan I didn’t actually know his name. It was freshman year of college, and I was sitting in the gym with some friends watching some guys play bubble ball. I then saw this guy run as fast as he could towards another bubble and was slammed into the ground. It was pretty terrifying to watch. A few weeks later I then met this boy at a softball game. It wasn’t one of those love at first sight things, but I knew we were going to be pretty good friends. We ended up in the same friend group freshman year and became pretty close over winter break. It was amazing how much we could open to each other and how personal our talks got.

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We told each other everything! When we got back from winter break we started to hang out more and more on our own rather than in the group and as weeks rolled by we got closer and closer. One night while chatting away out of nowhere he kissed me! We were both so shocked and had no idea what to do. Let me tell you that I had some pretty big butterflies that night and every night after. I was head over heels! A few days later he asked me out on a date and I had never had so much so fun on a date in my life! We laughed the night away while shoving our faces full of Baskin Robins. Hands down best date ever! Right then I knew that something amazing was going to come out of this. After another date, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Our bond grows every day and my love for him is so deep. I have loved to watch our relationship grow and to experience new emotions and milestones together.

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His Story: The first time I met Ashley was at one of her softball games. I saw her and thought to myself wow, “This girl is absolutely stunning!” I know that is so cheesy, but it’s true! After the softball game, we were in the same friend group so we went back to campus at our college, and our group watched Family Feud for at least two and a half hours. It was so fun! Even though nothing really happened between us that first part of my freshman year, I knew that we were going to be really good friends. Over Christmas break, we texted non-stop. It was all day and all night until we fell asleep. We got so close over the break, and I knew during that break that I liked her. I knew that I wanted to get to know her even better and, if I was so lucky, to even date her. We got back to school in January, and we were just friends for a while.

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Before we went on our first date, we were talking in my car, and I just kissed her. It surprised her so much! Then I kissed her again, and again, and again. It was around March when I asked her on our first date, and we went to Genghis Grill. I’ll never forget that I got some spicy stuff in my food, and I got something so spicy that I had to go to the bathroom and wash my mouth out because it was so bad. It was so funny! She laughed at me, and I cried a little, but later I laughed at myself and it was a good time. I’ll never forget that moment on our first date. After the second date we went on, I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said yes, of course. I fell in love with Ashley so fast. We have grown so much closer together since we have started dating. Our love for each other grows more and more everyday, and I can’t wait to finally marry the girl of my dreams.

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how they asked

We had been talking about marriage since last spring semester, but we knew it wasn’t realistic to get married until one or both of us graduated. However, we just couldn’t stop fantasizing about marriage and our life together. A few days before he proposed he asked me if I wanted to go on a date because we didn’t get to see each other all summer. I was really excited for our first date in three months. We went to Old Town Spaghetti Store (where we go every year for my birthday)! I was a little nervous because I still get butterflies on every date we go on, so I didn’t eat a whole lot. But we laughed all through dinner like we usually do. After dinner, Dylan took me to Starbucks and sat and talked for a little bit. After a while, we got back in the car, and we started to head back to campus. We blared music the whole way and sang loudly to Adele and Imagine Dragons. As we were coming where we normally turn to go to campus, he turned the opposite way. I asked him where we were going but he just said “This way.” I assumed we were going to go talk at the park or watch the sunset.

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When we got to the park, he started to pull up to a pavilion, and I immediately saw all the lights and candles. I knew exactly what was happening and started to ball my eyes out. His response to my crying was “Hmm, I wonder what all this stuff is doing here.” I thought to myself “You dummy, you know what this is.” But I refrained from saying it out loud. As we walked towards the pavilion there were candles lit everywhere and pictures of us lining the string lights. It was so beautiful. When we got to the table there were sunflowers (my favorite), and the ring was on the table.

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He looked at me and grabbed the ring. He told me he loved me and got down on one knee. He said “Ashley Elizabeth Harr, will you marry me?” I said yes and immediately kissed him. I was so happy that I finally got to say yes to the man of my dreams! Dylan then said, “You can come out now!” My friends Jennifer, Isabel, and Megan came out. They had set the whole thing up and took pictures the entire time. I still can’t believe that all of this is real, and I am so ready to change my last name to Purvis!

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