Ashley and David

How We Met

It’s kind of funny but very plain jane. We met through mutual friends of ours but the first day we met, I don’t know who couldn’t stand who more. Quote on quote ” That girl is the biggest bitch ever” and “please don’t ever bring me around that guy again” and if you were to tell me that in 7 years David and I would be where we are, I would’ve responded “you have a better chance on hitting the jackpot” or “over my dead body” .

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On the beach before sunset in Dominican republic

A few weeks later it was his friends birthday and my friend had asked me to go out with them and I said yes and sure enough, who was there, My favorite person ever David. Lol, You’d be surprised at what the power of liquor plus dancing can do. We randomly were dancing near one another, made eye contact, smiling and ended up having a great time out with our friends. We instantly became good friends after that. He actually was rebound hooking up with my friend for fun on both their ends with no feelings attached what-so-ever. (I know I know, it sounds terrible but I promise Its not what it sounds like lol) But as time went on and the more David and I spoke and hung out daily, the connection pretty much formed itself.

Fast forward those 7 years, 5 spent living together and 2 amazingly adorable doggies later ..

Here we are, FINALLY ENGAGED !!!!!!!

how they asked

In June of 2018, David and I FINALLY took our first real legit vacation to the Dominican Republic. All inclusive, Adults only 7 days 6 nights of pure bliss and relaxation! When I tell you this vacation was necessary, it was necessary for both of us. We both worked our butts off just to make sure we can enjoy our vacation without a worry in the world. And that’s just what we did! But little did I know I was going to enjoy this vacation more then I could’ve ever dreamed of !!

Come Tuesday, June 5th, just 3 days into our heaven sent vacation at Viva Wyndham heavens in Puerto Plata I was in for a surprise of a lifetime …

Before even leaving for our trip, I told David that he better make sure he’s in for a ton of pictures and better prepare on being my personal photographer !! (He better catch the angles as if your a girlfriend of mine) lol so he purchased a tripod/selfie stick just to not have to bother a million people for my photoshoots lol !! So, sure enough, every picture from our vacation was taken by us and us only.

So that Tuesday comes and being the good boyfriend that he was he thought it’d be a great idea to take pictures on the beach at sunset! (I mean in my head I’m like damn he’s succeeding my photographer expectations of him) and he even throws in a “let’s wear all white tonight”. Come time to get ready I wasn’t feeling my all-white outfit and I was just uncomfortable so at this time David starts to rush me but in a panic and all he keeps saying is I don’t want to miss the sunset and I’m like well be here for 3 more sunsets well get a picture. Like, relax. And at this point in his panic, I noticed he hasn’t had a drink all day. (And if you know David, he enjoys a nice drink ESPECIALLY on a vacation) so I was like maybe that’s the problem LOL So I was like fine and just threw on shorts and a tank top. As well as did he.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On the beach before sunset in Dominican republic

So as were making our way to the beach I decided to stop and grab a drink for our stroll on the beach asked if he would like one and I got brushed off with a response of I’ll get it when we get back and I sensed a little frustration from him there and had no idea what was up with him . As I’m waiting for my drink at the bar on the beach he walks further ahead and I watch him scan the beach a few times but thought nothing of it only to realize after the fact that he told me that scan was to see who he could give his phone too to record the perfect moment for us. I guess nobody stood out to him because as I met him in the sand we took a few steps down towards the water and he stopped me and said literally the backround view is beautiful let’s take some pictures here. So he sets the tripod up and makes me stand in the shot and tells me ” That’s actually beautiful right there” so he comes over to me to pose for some pictures and here I am thinking he’s just snapping away but inactuality hes recording this whole time !! He goes back to the camera and is stating ” i want to make sure the pictures are taking and I want to make sure were still in the frame because were moving around” (the panic attack must’ve been hitting him hard because we were barely moving around lol). So he tells me to stay put and not too move and he makes his way back over to me, asks me if I’m enjoying myself hugs me kisses me and i notice him gettung all fidgety and in this moment he takes my hand and proceeds to tell me how his heart is racing out of his chest… and in that exact moment, it hit me and it hit me hard. He got down on one knee and said some words (words neither of us remember lol) but all i heard and all I needed to hear was ” will you please marry me ” … and just like that our forever had just begun .

Never in a million years would I have imagined that he would’ve pulled this off . It’s very hard to keep secrets from me and I’m a planner and always a head of what’s going on so I always pictured getting engaged in so many different scenarios but this one , this one here exceeded any vision I’ve ever had and let alone was hands down MORE PERFECT than any moment I couldve ever dreamed of !

Just writing this , gives me butterflies thinking of that day all over again .

This was My happily ever after !!!

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