Ashley and Dan

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How We Met

Growing up through high school we always knew each other. When I turned 18 I moved away to Florida while he went off to psu college. We would always try to hangout on breaks spent home on holidays but never quite worked out. When I moved back home (Pa) 5 years later he had just finished with school and moved home as well. At a golf outing I ran into his best friend and asked where he had been. The next day we started to communicate and went on our first real date. We’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

We decided to go away for a few days for our two year anniversary. (Washington, D.C.) alls he told me was to pack something nice for a surprise dinner. I kept trying to get it out of him where we could be going. He didn’t even give me a hint. So Sunday finally came so we got ready just like any other night and off we went to the metro. When we arrived I just thought it was a nice restaurant. But then I realized it was a dinner cruise yay! It was beautiful at sunset. So we ate and drank as I teased him on the first course about how I thought the surprise was going to be a proposal. Soon after the cruise photographer came to our table and asked if we would like a picture at the front of the boat naturally I sprang right up. Off we went to the front of the boat. As I was posing he had dropped to one knee asking me to Mary.

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It took me about ten seconds to realize what was actually happening.

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Everyone on the dinner cruise crowded around to watch and congratulate us. Even the captain and the whole ship crew! How he went this long without even giving me a hint I’ll never understand. At the end of the night he admitted that he was so nervous while we were getting ready he thought he was going to throw up. ( it didn’t show) also one of the ships managers happen to get the whole thing on video!!!

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