Ashley and Dallin

Ashley's Proposal in Luminaria-Thanksgiving Point in Utah

How We Met

Dallin and I met a BBQ where I noticed him and another friend playing catch. I played softball growing up and always carry my glove in my car just in case for occasions like this! I was so excited to see them playing so I immediately went up to them and asked if I could play with them since I haven’t played in a while. We throw the ball around for an hour and a half and talked for a while after. Some friends asked us if we wanted to go karaoke with them and we both said yes. I heard Dallin sing and my heart dropped. I kept thinking who was this guy?! There was just something about Dallin that was so special. I knew I wanted to date him right away. He could take my fastball like a champ and took my breath away while singing. Fast forward a week later, he asks me out on a date. After a month of going on dates, Dallin asks me to be his girlfriend at the beach in front of a lighthouse. He told me he first loved me after a Bruno Major concert. Dallin and I have been doing long distance for a while now. Dallin is in school in Idaho while I work in California. We have been killing it at long distance and our love has continued to grow for one another even though we see each other about once a month.

How They Asked

Dallin and I both traveled to Utah to be with his family for Thanksgiving. I have been going Black Friday Shopping ever since I was 16 years old. I thought we were going to skip out on it, but Dallin agreed to go with me. Dallin threw me off by insisting we were going to spend Christmas with his family so I had a feeling he would propose on Christmas. He also threw me off by suggesting we look at rings. We had plans to go watch Frozen 2 in the evening. As we were on our way to the movie theater, Dallin was really hyper, but I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought he was so excited to see the movie.

After the movie, we were thinking of where we should eat dinner and as we decided, Dallin suggested we check out a secret spot before we go eat. I thought he was going to show me a viewpoint in Utah, but he took me to Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point where it was decked out with Christmas lights. In one of the areas of the park, there was a large Christmas Tree where if you place your hand on the sign and make a wish, then the tree would light up. Dallin made his wish first and then I went up on the stand, had my hand on the sign, closed my eyes, and made my wish. I turn around and Dallin was down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I can’t wait to marry you, Dallin! I love you!

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