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How We Met

Criag and I have been dating almost 5 years. We knew about each other from high school. We went to two different schools but our high schools played each other in sports. In November of 2012, we had mutual friends who needed players to play on a coed volleyball team and they had asked us to play. We hit it off instantly! One night he asked if I wanted to get dinner after the game. We began dating later that month! So you could say sports brought us together!

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how they asked

Criag and I have been together almost 5 years. We enjoy the outdoors and sports, so when we decided to get up early one morning and go hiking to watch the sunrise, it was normal. Saturday, October 14th we got up early and went to Mount Mitchell, North Carolina. We watched the sunrise which is amazing watching it above the mountains and the clouds. Then went hiking to Mount Craig. We got to the top and took some picture then he got down on his knee and gave me a ring-pop (yes, a ring-pop! He’s always joked that he was going to propose with one so I could pick out my own ring)! My answer was; “Your so corny” to the reply “Ashley, I’m serious!” Instantly the waterworks began. We took a couple more pictures then headed back to the truck. When we got to the truck he had my real ring waiting on me!