Ashley and Colton

How We Met

As many as you know, I am NOT a country girl. I hated country music, I owned no plaid, I thought cowgirl boots were completely un-fashionable. Anything country related was a big “nope” in my book. One night I was invited out to celebrate a friends birthday, assuming the night would be spent up town, I was sure in for a treat *cough, meeting Colton, cough*

As I finished up work and headed to meet the girls, I quickly learned the itinerary of the night was a fun, girls night out, at none other than Charlotte’s premier night life, Coyote Joes! (slight exaggeration and a mixture off sarcasm)

As we made our way around the bar one of the girls had met a guy and was talking to him all by herself, which again, if you know anything about me it’s #safetyfirst and #trustnoone. I felt the need to be a DD (Debbie Downer) to keep my friend safe but, that took a turn for the worst as this 5-foot nothing guys friend, Cowboy Chance (no seriously his name is Chance), took the moment to lay the smooth talking out on me with desperate pick up lines such as, “come on, just take a chance with me” I’m assuming pun intended. He pulled out his circa 2001 blue Motorola flip phone with cracked screen and strategic “new message from MOM” notification as he attempted to get my digits. I used the “I have to pee” tactic to run away from this chance of a lifetime (no pun intended). I of course did not want to spend the night hiding or talking to this Thor haired farmer who loves his goats. I looked around the corner of the bathroom to make sure I had a chance to sneak out without being seen, I saw my friends on the other side of the bar and made a bee line straight for them.

The girls were standing in a circle with a group of guys that they knew. I stood next to them as they started introducing me to everyone. I met Kevin, my friends ex, and his friend Ryan and next to Ryan was this tall, handsome, blue-eyed guy, Colton. As soon as my eyes met his I was swooned. I don’t even remember the names of the rest of those in the group (sorry everyone!)

… If you know the story of how we met then this is the moment you’ve been anticipating!…

I apologized as someone tried to talk to me as I stood across from Colton, with our eyes still locked and blurted out the most famous Ashley quote ever “Excuse me, but are you single?”. My life flashed before my eyes as I realized I just embarrassed myself to the point of no return, there was no way I could retract those words, but hey it would make for a funny story either way. *Side note for those who don’t know me: I’m a keep- to-myself type of person, I’m quiet & shy unless I know you, so this moment was nerve racking for me, I have NO idea where the guts for that embarrassing moment came from.* Colton, who I think was completely caught off guard, laughed and said “uh, I am are you?” Our friends pushed us next to each other to see what we looked like together and laughed and smiled as they watched the beginning of Colton and I’s relationship unfolded right before their eyes! For me, as everyone knows, it was love at first sight with Colton, he had me at hello.

Image 1 of Ashley and Colton


We were inseparable the rest of that night. Colton and I kept our arms wrapped around each other as he introduced me to everyone as “This is my wife in 2 years, Ashley” and I played along replying with ” Hi, I’m Ashley, I’ll be his wife in 2 years” And here we are, almost 2 years later, I will soon be his wife!!!

Our friends were literally paparazzi capturing every moment, down to one of my most favorite pictures of us ever, our first kiss. As the night quickly came to an end we had to say our goodbyes. He walked to one end of the parking lot with his friends and I walked to the other end with mine. As we got in the car I saw him walking near our car. I told the girls I wanted to hug him one more time. They played match maker & cupid as they rolled the windows down and yelled out for him. I was pushed out of the car as we ran towards each other and met in the middle of the parking lot to hug one more time. Thats when we shared our first kiss and the rest is history!


Image 2 of Ashley and Colton

Image 3 of Ashley and Colton

Image 4 of Ashley and Colton

how they asked

As many of you know, Colton’s not very good at surprises and I am notorious for figuring things out, so proposing was going to be pretty tricky.

We had picked a ring out in June 2016. For the next 6 months I would be annoyingly (sorry Colton) anticipating and figuring out the moment Colton decided to pop the question. Over those months beach trips, parties, family moments and events were planned and each time I would wonder, is today the day?

Fast forward to December. Colton had gone (somehow without me figuring out) and bought the ring. He told his family and he knew I wanted to have family and my best friend, and of course my dog Puma, there for the proposal. Over lunch one day they came up with a plan to have a Christmas cookie baking night. Colton forgot to tell me, which puts us at the the first give away.

Monday night that week, Colton’s mom called him to go over plans for the proposal Friday night. Colton chatted back and forth with her and looked over at me and asked “What time do you want to go over to mom and dad’s Friday night?” The look on his face was priceless as he cringed realizing he forgot to tell me she was planning a baking night. I brushed it off and acted as if I didn’t notice his facial expression, I told him I was off work at 2 and we could be there any time. They came up with 6:30 and Colton said, “Well, we will probably bring puma too”. Which was the second giveaway. Ya’ll know how much we love our shoe wearing, bow tie profiling, goofy dog. So I knew I needed to prepare.

Tuesday I typically work until 6:30, however, I ended up pulling a 12 hour day and worked til 9 since one of my co-workers was sick. Colton took this moment to go pick up the ring and have dinner with one of our good friends, Daniel and share the exciting news. I could tell something was up when I got home, he was nervously excited and asked me if I truly loved him and wanted to spend my life with him, we talked about how excited we were for a future together the rest of that night.

Wednesday was a whirlwind of a day. I worked late due to multiple tornado warnings in the area (yes, tornados in Charlotte in December-crazy) I stayed to make sure the girls at the salon were safe and ok. Colton was also at the salon getting his hair cut, at first I thought nothing of it, he’s a regular there and the girls love him! We walked over to Chipotle after the warnings were lifted to get dinner since it was so late. For the next 20 minutes Colton would persistently ask me if his hair looked ok, if I liked it, if it was too long or needed to have anything done differently. Seriously, it looked good so this was the 3rd giveaway something was in the works. Once we got home, Colton’s phone was blowing up with family group text and phone calls from his mom and brothers. Colton’s mom called again to finalize plans for Friday and Christmas cookie baking turned into also getting a family christmas card picture taken by none other than my best friend, Katie. This was the 4th giveaway. His mom sent a group text saying pictures would be at 6:30 & wear red and dinner and baking would be following. I own nothing red, so I knew I would need to go buy something.

Thursday, I worked and ran some errands for the salon. I had gone that afternoon to buy a red dress I found at Vestique. It was gorgeous! I tried it on and it didn’t work as planned with black tights, so I needed to find something else.

Friday was the big day!

I found the perfect red dress, I had Lauren at the salon curl my hair, I got my nails done (for the holidays-lets be fair!) I was all ready for the family christmas card picture.

Colton came home that afternoon and first thing he noticed was my nails. He had blurted out “you know don’t you!” (again- Colton is not good at surprises) I played dumb because I didn’t want to ruin anything he worked hard to plan. He told me I wasn’t allowed to say I was disappointed if it didn’t happen that night and I told him I knew there was no way it could be happening (although I had a feeling). So off we go to his parents house for pictures and baking. Colton kept the ring in the truck the whole night, he wanted me to be surprised and the moment be special- so he decided to keep the date the same but wait til we got home to ask.

We left his parents house around 11 and I made a joke that I was disappointed, we both laughed and talked about how excited we were for whenever that moment would happen. Little did I know it was going to be when we got home.

We got home close to midnight and I put my pj’s on cause I was exhausted and ready to relax. I thought we were about to watch a movie so I was walking off to get my eye glasses from the room when Colton told me to sit down on the couch because we needed to “talk”. He seemed really nervous about something so I had no idea what was about to happen. I asked if everything was ok and he told me to just sit down and light the candles on the coffee table and we could talk about it. In all honesty, I thought he was going to tell me to quit trying to figure out the proposal- I typically ruin all the perfect moments- and he’s told me he will literally give me a math problem to solve if I want to figure something out so badly. (I’m terrible at math so this would more than likely keep me preoccupied for a while) I reached over to grab the lighter that was sitting next to the candles. My eyes caught the ring sitting in the box, glistening from the lights of our Christmas tree and I couldn’t believe it! I started to cry and said things like “are you serious?”, “that’s not real”, “oh my gosh!” “stop it” “holy cow” and then cue the water works as I FINALLY realized what was really happening. I again asked Colton if he was serious as he got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me. It was the perfect moment, one that I wouldn’t figure out and least expect. We both enjoyed the moment as we cried, hugged and kissed and tried to get a picture of the ring & ourselves, but we were too shaken with excitement that the majority of them are blurry-but that’s ok because we now have a lifetime to take as many pictures as we’d like, and I can’t wait!

Image 5 of Ashley and Colton