Ashley and Colton

How We Met

Colton and I first met back in high school in 2008, I was a freshman on the varsity softball team and he was a junior on the varsity baseball team. The softball and baseball teams would always hang out and go out to parties. Colton and I always ended up talking to each other but nothing ever happened. He had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend at the time. After Colton graduated high school, we lost touch for a few years until randomly one day in college, we ran into each other. Out of nowhere, I received a text message from Colton that said: “Hey, what’s up stranger?:)”

I was completely thrown off by it but I responded and said: “Nothing much, what about you?:)” He was visiting one of his friends from out of state and we ended up texting each other the rest of the night. From there, Colton would take me out on dates but never “officially” asked me to be his girlfriend. My mom kept bugging me asking what we were and I kept telling I don’t know. She was so annoyed by the same response that one day when Colton was at my house, my mom asked: “so Colton, are you guys dating yet?” Colton was blinded sided by the question and eventually said yes we’ve been dating for a while. I asked him “When we’re you going to tell me?” All embarrassed, he turned red and we all started laughing.

Ashley and Colton's Engagement in Zermatt, Switzerland

How They Asked

Fast forward 7 1/2 years and here we are. We have been on a few international trips and I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland, especially the Matterhorn. It’s my favorite ride at Disneyland. After a few years of begging Colton to go to Switzerland, he finally agreed. Before we even arrived in Switzerland, there was a hike I was dying to go on. I wanted to see the Matterhorn at sunrise. On the 4th day of our trip, we woke up at 4:30 am in 40-degree weather and started our hike. After almost an hour of hiking uphill, we finally arrived at Riffelsee. We start walking up the hill to get a better view of the Matterhorn reflection, it was so peaceful. There were only a few other people out there enjoying the same scenery.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Zermatt, Switzerland

After I took pictures of him down in front of the Matterhorn, he turned to a photographer and asked to take our picture. I thought nothing of it, I thought she was out there taking professional pictures of Matterhorn. When we reached the bottom Colton turned to me and said “We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, but mainly ups” and I said “Yeah 40 mins of straight ups”, we both started laughing, then he got down on one and asked “Ashley, will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes. Colton then goes, “The photographer who took our photos, I hired her to capture this moment.” I was even more shocked that he pulled all of this off without me even knowing. And the best part, by the time Colton got down on one knee, it was just us and the photographer with the Matterhorn.

Special Thanks

Elo Durand
 | Photographer