Ashley and Colin

How We Met

Colin and I met 3 years ago through mutual friends in Miami, FL, where we both lived at the time. We dated for a little over a year before he moved 2 hours away for a new job opportunity. We’ve been doing the 2-hour drive back and forth ever since. There’s not a second that goes by where we don’t miss each other. We’ve put in a great deal of effort to see each other as often as possible (mostly weekend or short trips). We even share the cutest Shar-Pei puppy, Bulu. The end to long-distance is in sight – December 2019 we will finally have our own place together!

How They Asked

This past weekend was Labor Day and also Hurricane Dorian… for months Colin has been telling me that his parents were coming to for LDW and we’d spend the weekend with them. On Friday we had plans to meet his parents at their hotel (The Edition Miami Beach) for a quick drink before heading to dinner. Since Hurricane Dorian was heading towards Miami, my company let us out early to get prepared.

Once I get home I noticed several of my things were missing – my glasses, contact lenses solution and case, a sweatshirt. All the things I use on a daily basis and was sure I didn’t misplace them. After searching and thinking I’m losing my mind for 20 minutes. Colin tells me he packed my things and booked us a room at the Edition since we’ve been talking about doing a staycation and his parents are in town. Win – Win. Now I feel terrible I ruined the surprise.

I pack a few extra things and we head to the hotel to meet his parents for a drink before dinner. We go up to the room to drop our bags off. I walk into the room first and it’s covered in rose petals and string lights. I was floored. It was the most beautiful and romantic thing I’ve ever seen. We take each other’s trembling hands and he read me a poem that highlighted all of our special and most memorable moments.

After he proposed we went to dinner with his parents as planned. As I walked into the restaurant all I heard was SURPRISE! It was all of our closest Florida friends. As I made my way to hug them all there was another group of people behind them. My entire family and best friends from out of state. I was hysterical and so overwhelmed with joy. I couldn’t have imagined a more proposal and surprise engagement party weekend!!!