Ashley and Clint

How We Met

February 24, 2014 we met on a blind date at a sorority-fraternity party. Being a true college student I used our majors as an ice breaker. The confidence and passion Clint had when talking about Medicine, I knew he was special. We dance all night long and when he dropped me off at my dorm we exchanged numbers. The next day he texted me and asked to go to dinner. On February 27, 2014 we had our first date.

Proposal Ideas In the backyard of his parents house (Tuscaloosa, Al)

I was so nervous and as soon as I stepped into his truck I knew I was in for a shock. He is a true southern Alabama boy and I’m a Jersey Shore girl. The entire night we explained and compared our “cultures” while telling funny stories about our families and making fun of our accents. At the end of dinner I found out it was his birthday and he asked for money for dinner from his parents for his present. The way he looked into my eyes and talked to me, I knew he was the one. Ski Lodge February 24, 2014

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In the backyard of his parents house (Tuscaloosa, Al)

how they asked

After his college graduation we had the party at his parents lake house. When I got there the song in case you didn’t know by Bret young was playing and when I walked out to the deck I saw the “will you marry me”.

Ashley and Clint's Engagement in In the backyard of his parents house (Tuscaloosa, Al)

Clint got down on one knee and asked to spend forever with me in front of our friends and family. My Step Dad and Mom had flown in from New Jersey for his graduation and his aunts, uncles, and cousins had also traveled for the ceremony. Having our family there made it even more special.

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