Ashley and Christian

imageHow we met: We met just over 3 years ago, when I was working as a bartender at the Intercontinental Hotel in Tampa. The company he works for has an office in New Orleans and Tampa so he was there pretty often. His favorite hotel (still is) to stay in is the Intercontinental. I had worked there just over 2 weeks and it was one of my very first shifts working alone (no longer training). He came in to the bar, saw me and for him, it was pretty much over right then. I, however, took a little more convincing! He asked me out every time he came to Tampa from that moment on. Every time for one year, I declined. I wasn’t in a place where I really wanted to date and he seemed in a place where he just wanted to play, which I wasn’t into either.

At some point in that year we became friends. Talking a lot when he was there, texting when he wasn’t. Not a lot, but enough to get to know each other. I once told him that I wasn’t interest in playing around, I wanted a man that held my hand when we walk down the street. I finally came around to him and took him up on his offer.

He flew me to New Orelans (he booked my flight faster than anyone I’ve ever met, he didn’t want to give me the chance to change my mind!) and we spent the most amazing weekend together. On our way to dinner on our very first date, he grabbed my hand and said “this is what you wanted, right? Someone to hold your hand?” I was done for right then.


how they asked: I’ve been going on vacations for my birthday for years. The first of my birthdays we spent together (two weeks in), Christian surprised me with a trip to Puerto Rico. He told me what weather to pack for and that was it, until we got to the airport and he handed me my boarding pass. This year was my 30th. We wanted it to be a very relaxing, romantic, incredibly gorgeous, lovers getaway. He has a friend that lives in Cozumel.

His friend was in town (New Orleans) a few months ago, showed us some pictures of Cozumel and convinced us that would be the place for my 30th! A few weeks after we bought our plane tickets his friend (Eric) messaged me and asked if we would do him a favor. He has a charter boat business and asked if wewould get all dressed up in white, island wear (linen pants, white dress, no shoes) and take pictures of us to put on his website and help him advertise. I, of course, said we were IN. I loved the idea of us getting some nice photos taken in a beautiful place. I love putting pictures of us all over our house!

We get to Cozumel and set up our boat day. Friday, boat day, we ate breakfast in bed, laid on the beach and had the most perfect day together. We got ready to go to the boat, Christian is sure to take his Dramamine because he gets sea sick! We get out on the water and I’m completely mesmerized by the water and scenery. It’s absolutely gorgeous. He (Eric) sees a hotel in the background he likes for the pictures. He asks us to stand at the front of the boat and pose for pictures. We pose for a couple and then Eric says “just talk amongst yourselves, I’ll get some natural shots”. I start chatting with Christian, asking him if he’s feeling okay, asking if he’s ready for some champagne.

He then starts saying “you know there are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you. You are the only one I want to share the rest of my life with”. I still don’t realize what is about to happen and just respond “I feel the same, baby. I love you very much.” Before I got all the words out, he drops to his knee and has a ring box in his hand. I instantly cried. I’m tearing up writing this right now. It was THE most magical moment there ever was. Of course, I said YES!!!