Ashley and Chris - Clemson Sweethearts!

How We Met: Chris and I met during college at Clemson University. I was a freshman
 and he was a sophomore when we met at a Halloween party of mutual
 friends of ours. I didn’t think too much of our meeting, but Chris
 thought I was pretty cute and got my number from our friend! I took 
Chris for your typical frat guy so when he started calling and texting, 
I wasn’t very quick to make any future plans with him. Some time went by and, having many of the same friends, we ended up at the same places 
fairly frequently. Let’s just say his persistence with me paid off and 
I gave Chris a chance. I saw a sweet side that I didn’t expect and we
had so much fun together no matter what we were doing! I knew it was 
the start of something special. That was over four years ago and I 
couldn’t ask for a more caring and amazing person to share my life

how they asked: 
I’m so hard to surprise and can usually tell when Chris has something
 up his sleeve, but I was completely taken off guard with how he
 proposed to me. I was going to Charlotte for the weekend and we had
 plans to go out to dinner. Chris called and told me he was running 
late and had some things to finish up at work, since this isn’t out of
 the ordinary I didn’t have a second thought when he told me to go on 
inside and get ready for dinner. As soon as I opened the door, there
 were roses and candles everywhere and music playing and out walked
 Chris – looking all snazzy. I, on the other hand, was wearing gym shorts 
and a t-shirt without an ounce of make up. He spilled out lots of 
sweet talk that for the life of me I can’t remember and got down on 
one knee and asked me to marry me. I of course said yes and then
 immediately started jumping up and down with excitement! To top it all
off when we did get to the restaurant for dinner both our parents were 
there waiting for us!

Photos by Jennifer Stuart Photography.