Ashley and Chris

How We Met


Chris and Ashley met back in middle school. they were friends throughout high school as well. one day Ashley’s friend invited her to come to Chris’s 17th birthday party. Ashley went and hung out with Chris the entire party.After the party they started talking on myspace more, then on the phone.then on June 2,2008 Chris asked Ashley out. High school sweet hearts<3

how they asked

Ashley(I) LOVES Halloween and the month of October. Chris and I had small pumpkins that had rotted that I was going to use for decorations. So when Ashley came home from work Chris asked if she wanted to go to her favorite pumpkin patch The Great Pumpkin Farm. Of course Ashley said yes. Chris took forever to get ready. Finally he was ready, and he told Ashley they should eat before they go. So we stopped at McDonalds. As we were walking in Chris was on his phone more than usual and went into the bathroom. He took forever eating (the place closed at 7) so finally we head to the great pumpkin farm and Ashley’s scared  they wont make it. we pull up and walk through the patch. There was a lady with her phone pointed at us. Chris asked Ashley  to take a picture in the teepee, Ashley said “you never want to take a picture there.” as they turned the corner Ashley saw pumpkins with “marry me” carved into them with tea lights and balloons saying why chris loves her. It was the PERFECT proposal!12027561_10156195715650593_3386234118625518511_n