Ashley and Charlie

How We Met: Charlie and I met online. We had both basically given up on finding someone, but out of no where, it kind of just happened. He messaged me, we messaged back and forth and before I knew it he was asking to text and talk on the phone. We talked for hours, even used to even sit in parking lots to all hours of the night since where he was staying had horrible service. We eventually started to Skype and before we knew it, it was our first date.

After I lost my license, Charlie drove all the way to Cape May County (2 hours away from him) to pick me up. I bribed him to drive faster by giving him a kiss and we went to the Camden Aquarium, where I surprised him by paying. We explored the amazing aquarium and then went for coffee and tea at Starbucks before a nice dinner. After dinner, I had him drive to a secret spot where we talked and had our first official kiss. He then dropped me off and we both knew something special had happened.

how they asked: It was just a normal Monday morning. Since it was the summer, I didn’t have my full time job as a teacher, so I was home, sleeping. Charlie left for work and I went back to sleep. All of a sudden, his spare phone started going off, so I turned it off and went back to sleep. It went off two more times before Charlie ran into the apartment stating he forgot his phone. He gave me a kissed and left, but for some reason, left the bedroom door open.

Then the door bell rang. And rang and rang and rang. I woke up and saw a woman outside saying she was there to give me a massage. I welcomed her in and she handed me a card. It was from Charlie stating that there was no work for today (I babysat in the afternoons) and that I should enjoy my massage and what was to come. I had a wonderful hour massage and was excited for what was to come next.

I took a shower and was getting ready when the door bell rang again, it was my best friend Zania. She came in with Champagne and orange juice and I finished getting ready. We made ourselves a mimosa and she gave me my next card. Before I knew it, there was a Limo outside my apartment and we were off.

We drove to TJ Maxx and within 15 minutes, I have found, tried on and bought a beautiful dress and shoes. We then travelled back to my apartment where I changed and we were off again. Also with another clue.

We travelled to one of Charlie and I’s first dates and favorite restaurants out in Lancaster, PA called Shady Maple. Once we got there, we walked inside and there I found one of my best guy friends Eddie and we all had an amazing lunch and shopped. I was getting antsy, but was keeping myself under control. He gave me my next card and I got more and more excited.

We got back into the limo and drove and drove and drove and drove. Luckily I was surrounded by my best friends and music and we danced the entire time. Before I knew it, we were in the middle of no where, looking for a nail salon. He knew that I wanted my nails done and he made it happened.

When we finally arrived, I could see through the windows one of my best coworkers and after entering, I found two of my best coworkers. We hugged and talked and got our nails and toe nails done. They then gave me my another card.

We all found the limo and drove literally to the next parking lot to Starbucks to get drinks. As I walked inside, I was overcome with excitement, two wonderful women were photographing me and I found out, he had gotten my favorite photographers to come and take pictures. We exchanged huge hugs and I exclaimed to everyone how much I loved their work and how much I always wanted them to photograph my wedding. They bought me my favorite drink, Peach Green Tea Lemonade and gave me my next card.

We all piled into the limo and drove. We all talked and drank our drinks and just laughed. It was amazing. We then came into a small winery and as I walked in, I could feel that it was going to happen, but it didn’t. It was fine though because two of my best childhood friends were there from upstate New Jersey and New York City and had come to have a wine tasting with us.

We all piled into golf carts and talked and laughed and enjoyed the view. We arrived at a gazebo overlooking the vineyard and enjoyed some new wines and laughs. It was so nice to be surrounded by my favorite people, but I was getting super anxious. We finally piled back into the golf carts, came back to the winery and bought ourselves some new wines. Once everyone was done, I got my last card and we went into the limo.

It was officially time. I couldn’t wait to see Charlie. The day was perfect, exactly what I always wanted. He knew me so well and had put up with my craziness for so long, I couldn’t believe it was almost over. We started driving and my best friend blindfolded me, which made putting my heels on difficult, but we made it through.

Image 1 of Ashley and Charlie

The limo finally stopped and we all got out and with some help, I made it down a million stairs and was finally able to take off the blindfold. There he was, standing under a covered bridge decorated in my favorite flowers, peonies, waiting for me. As I walked toward him, I couldn’t stop smiling and just wished I could hug and kiss him.

Image 2 of Ashley and Charlie

When I got to the bridge, he asked my to pick up a lantern and I proceeded to and then lit the candle inside of it, after which he lit his and then we stood there looking at each other, taking in the moment. Charlie then began to speak to me about how much he loved me and how he couldn’t wait to start our “Adventure” together. I know that he said more, but honestly, I can’t remember, but I know it was special, Charlie doesn’t do anything unless it is perfect. We then dropped our lanterns and he dropped to his knee and asked me to be his wife.

Image 3 of Ashley and Charlie

I said yes and let him slip my beautiful ring on my finger and we just hugged and kissed forever.

Image 4 of Ashley and Charlie

We took some pictures on that beautiful bridge and one of the photographers asked him to take the ring box out of his pocket and instead of setting it down, it jumped out of his hand and floated down a stream. Everyone freaked out, but it was okay, the ring wasn’t inside. We all laughed and breathed a sigh of relief. We took some more pictures before walking inside where all of our friends were waiting to have dinner and enjoy some dancing, since I love to dance.

Image 5 of Ashley and Charlie

Everything was simply amazing and even when I thought it was over, it wasn’t. After dinner a waitress brought me one last card that Charlie wanted to see my face while I read. It stated that the surprised weren’t over and that tomorrow morning we were leaving for Punta Cana to celebrate our Engagement! I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t stop smiling. He knew exactly what to do to make me smile and I couldn’t love him more than that moment.

It was a perfect day and I couldn’t ask for anything else. I can’t wait to marry him and be his wife forever. I couldn’t ask for a better man to be by my side for the rest of my life.

Photos by: Hello Gorgeous Photography