Ashley and Casey

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How We Met

I grew up at the same church as Ashley and I knew her family growing up. She was a bit younger than me so we didn’t really know each other. A year and a half ago a mutual friend posted a picture of her on Instagram and i immediately friend requested her and go her number through another friend. I sent her a long text one morning and she was brave enough to respond and drive out to San Francisco to meet up with me the next day. We didn’t date for a while but I finally convinced her to go on a couple dates with me and to give me a chance, even though I was a single Dad and she was definitely out of my league! I’m so so so so happy she gave me that chance. Mari (my daughter) and I are both so so lucky to have her in our life.

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how they asked

My family had planned a camping trip to my favorite lake a couple months ago and little did i know that Casey decided that would be the best time to propose. He loves surprises and he fully surprised me. We arrived at the lake on Friday afternoon and hung out at the beach with our family and little Mari bird. After a couple hours at the lake we all decided it would be a good idea to head back to camp to start prepping dinner. Once we arrived back at camp and got changed into our dry clothes Casey pulled me aside and told me that we should go back to the marina and reserve a party boat for the family for Saturday as a surprise to all of them, we told my family that he forgot his ID at the beach and that we were going to go and retrieve it.

They gave us some flack for ditching out on the dinner prep but little did I know that they were in on the whole thing. We arrived at the marina and Casey took me right down to a little row boat that we had brought up, he told me the whole party boat thing was a fib and that he just wanted to get away with me for a couple of hours to relax since we were gonna be surrounded by family the whole trip. He rowed across the lake to a secluded beach and rowed the boat to shore, we climbed out of the boat and perched up on a rock for a bit… He said all of the sweet things to me and then we stood up and hugged and held each other and then he dropped down on one knee and proposed.

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It was perfect. He rowed back to the marina and I was still in shock.. I asked him if anyone of the family knew and he said NO. While we were driving back to camp i kept asking him how we should tell them all and he just said that I should be the one to tell them.. When we pulled up I saw a banner that said “the two shall become one” then i saw my best friend standing there..

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Then i kept seeing more and more of my close friends and family, HE HAD ALSO PLANNED A SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT PARTY FOR ME!!!


We celebrated into the evening with our friends and family and the whole thing was perfect in every way.

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