Ashley and Carter

How We Met

Carter and I first met on Tinder right before we both graduated from college! We both swiped “right” and the rest was history! After a few weeks of talking, we decided to finally meet. We went to Starbucks and quickly realized that we liked each other more than originally planned. What makes our relationship special is that we both balance each other out. I am more of the wild and adventurous one, while Carter being the police officer that he is, brings me back down to reality.

I knew Carter was different from the beginning! I honestly thought that he was “too nice” at first because I so used to the “college frat boy” type that my idea of how a man should treat me was very skewed. Thanks to his genuine and compassionate nature, I quickly realized that this was what actual love felt like and that I never wanted our relationship to end.

how they asked

Carter proposed to me in April of 2017 in Cozumel, Mexico. We were on a cruise and we had planned that we wanted to do a jeep tour that day. Keep in mind that every port we had gone to before Cozumel had the worst weather and had rained non-stop. The day before we got engaged, it rained while we were in Costa Maya and I told Carter I wanted to switch our jeep tour to that day so we could actually have a snorkeling day in Cozumel.

He was so mad. Apparently, I was trying to “ruin” his proposal which I didn’t find out about until afterwards. He finally convinced me that we weren’t switching tours and that the weather was not going to ruin our vacation.

Turns out he was right and when we got to Cozumel, we did our jeep tour as planned. We drove around the whole island and had a private tour guide who took us to the cutest local beach bars and to an eco-park where Carter proposed on the beach in front of a lighthouse.

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