Ashley and Caleb

How we met: Caleb and I met at our church on Easter Sunday of 2013. He had been going to Family Worship Center a little over a year before I started coming there, and it was around a year after I began attending before we even spoke to one another. I had always noticed him but was too shy to ever speak to him. I finally came up with enough courage to talk to him in 2013 on Easter Sunday, when we swiftly passed by one another in opposite directions and I complimented his bow tie. I was a sucker for a man in a bow tie, especially this man. I remember seeing Caleb on stage one Sunday singing and playing his guitar and thinking “I’m gonna marry that man one day.”

how they asked: For almost a month we had planned to go to Hot Springs, Ar. to the Garvan Woodland Gardens to see their 4 million Christmas light display. Though I was ecstatic to see the lights, what I wanted most to see was the glass chapel they had. We invited two of our good friends, Zach and Sophie, and planned to go New Year’s Eve of 2014. The day came and we arrived at the gardens around 6:30 p.m. and the first place Caleb wanted to go was the glass chapel, so we did. Caleb and I got on the chapel stage and Sophie began taking pictures, when all of a sudden Caleb grabbed my hands, looked deep into my eyes, and began to sing to me, a song that we called ours, then dropped to one knee and proposed! I thought I was literally going to pass out from excitement.

Image 1 of Ashley and Caleb