Ashley and Burke

Ashley's Proposal in Argentina

How We Met

We met in September 2014 at a music festival outside of Atlanta. Our mutual friend Sean introduced us, and takes the credit to this day. We quickly discovered we had both been living in the same small mountain town of Snowmass Village, CO for a few years. It was unbelievable we hadn’t met before. After parting ways at the end of the weekend, we called and texted non-stop. I started dating Burke soon after and we quickly became inseparable.

how they asked

Burke and I both love the outdoors and enjoy being in the mountains together. Soon after the start of out relationship, we decided to save up for a 20-day mountaineering course in Argentina. After over a year of saving money and planning we embarked on a 7-week journey to South America. We braved the crowded streets of Lima, trekked to Machu Picchu, drank pisco sours on the patios of Cusco, dragged several duffel bags of gear down to Argentina and prepared for a 20-day expedition to a remote glacier located 20 miles south of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain peak outside of the Himalayas. We were tested beyond our imaginations by the harsh environment but also rewarded with beautiful landscapes and valuable lessons.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Argentina

Near the end of the course our group attempted an unnamed peak near our high camp, and to my surprise I found Burke getting down on his knee on the summit. Through the wind and my own shock I heard the words “will you marry me?”

At 16,000 ft, I could hardly catch my breath to answer β€œyes!” It was the most epic proposal–Aconcagua in the background, the most beautiful landscape I could hope for, and both of us feeling the significance of what we had accomplished on this journey. We are excited to spend the rest of our lives continuing this adventure together!